Endowment Fund

j8080 - Sacred Heart - Candle - 133338-WEB_editedThis fund shapes the future of Sacred Heart College. The Endowment Fund is an investment aimed at generating an annual income to be used to:

  • provide scholarships for students identified as leaders;
  • to attract, reward and retain quality teaching staff;
  • to sustain Marist Brothers involvement in the College as long as possible;
  • support specific future College capital projects

The Endowment Fund reflects Sacred Heart College’s commitment to excellence and leadership, and investment in the future of our Marist Men. The challenge is to focus all philanthropic effort towards the goal of $10 million in the Endowment Fund by 2020.
The Endowment Fund is a unique opportunity to enhance and continue the excellent academic education provided to boys attending Sacred Heart College. These funds will ensure Sacred Heart College maintains its position as the leading Catholic Boys’ College in New Zealand.
Join the Sacred Heart College community by supporting the growth of the Endowment Fund
Paul Greaney, Executive Chairman, Sacred Heart College Development Foundation

There are four aspects to the Endowment Fund.

brothers_editedBrothers  - Marist Brothers' Fund
The Marist Brothers’ have continued to have an active role in the life of the College and this Fund aims to encourage and support the Marist Brothers’ involvement in the College. For over 100 years the Marist Brothers’ have enriched and led the Sacred Heart College ethos through the witness of their religious vocation and active involvement in teaching, coaching, mentoring and pastoral care. Their influence has been significant in the lives of our boys and it is imperative that this Marist charism lives on.


Students - Scholarship Fund
This fund will provide scholarships for talented students who have leadership potential and have all round ability, be it cultural, musical, academic or sporting. Recipients will be actively participating and able to contribute their skills and knowledge to the College.

The focus of the Scholarship Fund is to attract, retain and nurture young men who have leadership potential and who may not otherwise enjoy the means to be educated at Sacred Heart College.  

This fund appeals to our wider family to join us in giving ‘from the heart for the Heart’, so that we can extend our vision of access and excellence to more boys whose futures can be changed by a Sacred Heart College education.

Investing in the future of our Marist Men

teacher_editedTeachers - Academic Fund
It is becoming more competitive to attract inspirational teachers and retain them. Sacred Heart College is committed to maintaining the outstanding academic results so hard fought for. Sacred Heart College will grow its base of excellence in teaching and reward teachers through the Academic Fund by supporting the following initiatives:

  • Reward co-curricular involvement – recognise and reward the commitment made by staff outside the classroom in cultural, sporting and other activities.
  • Acknowledge middle and senior management responsibilities – those staff carrying greater responsibility for the College’s success.
  • Reward outstanding teachers – incentive for outstanding teachers to remain in the classroom rather than take on management responsibility.
  • Professional Development – opportunities for staff in areas of curriculum, management and leadership.
  • Recruitment and relocation grants – grants to enable the College to attract staff of the highest calibre both nationally and internationally.


Capital Fund
For Sacred Heart College to continue to provide excellent teaching and pastoral care for our students, this fund will provide quality buildings and facilities at the forefront of technology and learning. Both capital and income allocated to this fund goes to support specific school capital development projects.


To support Sacred Heart College's Endowment Fund, please contact our  Development Foundation Office.

Email: development@sacredheart.school.nz
Tel: 09 529 3743
Fax: 09 529 3661