Rowing at Sacred Heart College has had three distinct periods since the College embraced the sport in 1936. The first period was 1936 to 1954 when the College was located on the Richmond Rd site. After the move to the Glen Innes site, rowing went into abeyance from 1955 till the second period which lasted from 1970 till 1978. It then went into abeyance again until 1995 – a period that has endured till the present day.

The standard of rowing at New Zealand secondary school level continues to rise and the College has adopted two initiatives to reach those standards. The College has endeavoured to have the boys compete in high class boats and the original four boats of the 1930s have now become 8 eights; 8 fours; 5 doubles. The College also adopted the policy that boats would be named after an aspect of the College’s Catholic Marist Character and, in alternate years, in honour of a person who has given many years of service to Sacred Heart Rowing. Thus the newer boats have been named: Cecilia Fitz-Gerald, Esto Vir and Jim Dale.

The second initiative was to have the College employ a professional coach as Head of Rowing in line with similar positions in the College’s other major sports. Since this policy was adopted Mike Whittaker, Kirsty Dunhill, Mike O'Brien, Greg Reid, Ian Bright and Mark Clemo (the current Head) have been employed. These two initiatives have allowed the College to be more competitive in regattas throughout the season.

Our connection to Sacred Heart old boy rowers is growing, and in the near future a Sacred Oarsman project will see all of our rowers, all the way back to the 1936/37 season issued with a number that will identify them as a Sacred Heart Rower.

Sacred Heart College Rowing Club Awards 2016/2017 - May 2017
Most Improved U15 Rower  Sam Wisniewski                     
Most Improved U16 Rower Liam McGuire
Most Improved U17 Rower                  Sam Murphy
Most Improved Novice Don Lui
Best Rower U15 Xavier Smidt
Best Rower U16 Hamish McKay
Best Rower U17 Liam Zinzley
Best Rower U18 Luca Kirwan
Best Novice Xavier Yates
Most Improved Coxswain Callum Miller
Best Coxswain Jack Higgins
Best Erg Time 6.16.0 Liam Zinzley
Attitude and Commitment James Fitz-Gerald
Best Crew Spirit U17 (Dan McGill, Jared August, Hamish McKay, Liam Zinzley, Louis O'Brien, Tomos Hudgell, Sam Murphy, Callum Smidt, Callum Miller (cox)
Best Crew - Four Lightweight Four+ (Sean Paget, Nathan Collins, Tim Edwards, Dan McGill, Tom Newton, Jack Higgins, Ryan Olsen)
Best Crew - Eight U18 (Sean Paget, Ton Newton, Luca Kirwan, Liam Zinzley, Josh Purdon, Vedran Ilich, Theo Wright, Nathan Collins, James Fitz-Gerald, Louis Wall (cox)
Exceptional Performance Sean Paget
Most Improved Rower Robbie Paul
Best Rower Nathan Collins

Sacred Heart College Rowing Club Awards 2015/2016 - May 2016

U15 Best Rower  Hamish McKay
U15 Most Improved Rower Liam Clouth
U16 Best Rower Callum Smidt
U16 Most Improved Rower Louis O'Brien
U17 & 18 Best Rower George Hsylop
U17 & 18 Most Improved Rower Nathan Collins
Best Novice Tim Farrell
Most Improved Novice Liam Zinzley
Best Coxswain Massimo Nicholas
Most Improved Coxswain Louis Wall
Attitude and Commitment Conor Nelson
Best Crew Spirit Tom Polo
Best Crew 2015/2016 Novice Eight (Theo Wright, Tim Farrell, Luca Kirwan
Liam Zinzley, Lawrence Foliaki, Cairo Taupo,
Hamish McKay, Tanner Butler, cox - Massimo Nicholas)
Exceptional Performance Lightweight Four (Sean Paget, Conor Nelson, 
Hamish Blackhall, Nathan Collins)
Best Rower - Br Terence Costello Cup Henry Lynch
Most Improved Rower - Peter Waite Memorial Trophy       Will Yates
Best Performing Four - Leef Memorial Cup  U18 Novice Four (Tim Farrell, Luca Kirwan, 
Liam Zinzley, Theo Wright, cox - Ben Tyson
Coach of the Year Mike O'Brien
Contribution to SHC Rowing Jason Renau
For Services to Sacred Heart Sara-Jayne Kingston, Jeff Tyson
Sacred Heart College Rowing Club Awards for 2014/2015 Season - May 2015 
U 15 Best Rower                              Jared August
U 15 Most Improved Rower Callum Smidt
U 16 Best Rower  Sean Paget
U 16 Most Improved Rower Josh Purdon
U 17 & 18 Best Rower  Conor Nelson
U 17 & 18 Most Improved Rower Henry Lynch
Best Novice Quinn O'Brien
Most Improved Novice  Vedran Ilich
Best Coxswain Ryan Olsen
Most Improved Coxswain Jeffrey Small
Attitude and Commitment                                                    Nathan Collins 
Best Crew Spirit 2015       Fergus Meldrum
Best Crew 2015 Novice 8
(Quinn O'Brien, Tom Henderson, Jared August,
Vedran Ilich, Patrick Spencer, Malkome Vaka,
Isaac Screen, George Grbix, Cox - Massimo Nicholas)
Exceptional Performance  Lightweight Double (Connor Nelson, Hamish Blackhall) 
Best Rower 2015, Br Terence Costello Cup Jared August
Most Improved Rower - Peter Waite Memorial Cup Connor Nelson
Best Performing Four - Leef Memorial Cup U16 Four (Sean Paget, Tom Newton, Henry and George
Hyslop, cox - Ben Tyson) 
Coach of the Year  Liam Bradley
Contribution to SHC Rowing  Fergus, Nick, Chris, Liam, Joe, Anton, Ben
For Services to Sacred Heart Rowing  Bruce Lodder, Eric Olsen, Andy Brokenshire
Sacred Heart College Rowing Club Awards for 2013/2014 Season - 8 May 2014
U 18 Best Rower Harrison Fookes
U 18 Most Improved Rower Ricardo Garelja
U 17 Best Rower Fergus Meldrum
U 17 Most Improved Rower Joe Watson
U 16 Best Rower Tom Polo
U 16 Most Improved Rower Connor Nelson
U 15 Best Rower George Hyslop
U 15 Most Improved Rower Henry Hyslop
Best Overall Sweep Oarsman  Oliver Tattersall 
Best Overall Sculler  Richard Irwin
Best Novice Rower Oliver Worsley and Anton Illich
Best Coxswain Ben Tyson
Most Improved Coxswain Ryan Olsen