Scholars Group

 Scholars Group, Left to Right: James Fitz-Gerald, Josh Purdon, David French, Daniel McGill, Julius Taper, Heinrich Metzler, Charlie Stone, Liam Miller, Liam Smyth, William Swan, Kurt Dickie and William Miller. 

Scholars Group
The objective of the Scholars Group is to identify, select, support and motivate top Senior academic scholars. In 2016, 10 Senior students were honoured at the Scholars Assembly in Term 1. Typically these students have earned multiple subject endorsements at Levels 2 and 3, had a very high level of success with the robust measure of external examination in 2015, and all of whom have committed to a minimum of three scholarship subjects in 2016. The Scholars Group 2016 is as follows:

Hamish Blackhall, Aaron Dahmen, John Gorham, Jake Kelly-Hulse, Daniel Koenigsperger, Henry Lynch, Heinrich Metzler (Year 12), Conor Nelson, Christian Spain and Verniel Virtucio.

The Scholars Group meets each term for a review of their performance. In Term 2 the Group was privileged to listen and learn from Mr Campbell WALKER (’86), a distinguished Old Boy of the College and an outstanding speaker, who generously shared advice, experience and insight. Campbell graduated top of Law at the University of Auckland and went on to study at Yale and Cambridge where he was awarded a PhD in Law.

The Scholars Group is part of the Academic Institute and any queries should be directed to Mrs Susan Hurring