The Uniform Shop is the only supplier of all items of the school uniform, apart from winter shoes. The Uniform Shop is situated under the main administration building.

Hours for 2017

Monday 8am to 1.30pm; 2pm to 3.30pm
Tuesday                     9am - 1.30pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday  8am to 1.30pm; 2pm to 3.30pm
Friday 9am - 1.30pm

First Saturday of every month, 9am to 12 noon 
Term 1:
Saturday 4 March
Saturday 1 April

Please note: The Uniform Shop is closed between 1.30 to 2pm each day and is not open on weekends, public holidays or school holidays.

Regulation sandals are McKinlay Safari. Winter and Formal shoes must be black, leather lace-up only.
Sandals only are available at the College Uniform Shop (we do not stock shoes).
The School Uniform Centre (553 Remuera Road) stocks a full range of McKinlays shoes and sandals; Sacred Heart families are entitled to a 10% discount on presentation of a voucher which can be obtained from the Uniform Shop.

Parents/guardians can provide their credit card details to enable their son to make purchases during the school day. Please send your details including postal address and contact phone numbers to the Uniform Shop email address highlighted in blue below.

Second Hand Blazers
The Sacred Heart College Uniform Shop will take second hand blazers for resale. If you have a blazer that you would like to sell, please send it into us during Term 4.  Please note the following Terms and Conditions of sale:
Terms and Conditions 

  • Blazers must be in clean, and in good repair (ie. no buttons missing, tears or stains) – spare buttons are available at the Shop, free of charge        
  • Second hand blazers will retail at $115.00, the Uniform Shop will retain a 20% commission on all sales ($23.00) 
  • Payments from sold blazers will be processed within two weeks of sale
  • We will accept blazers for sale during Term 4 2014 only and will sell up to the end of Week 2, Term 1 2015
  • Owners of unsold blazers will be advised, and must collect their blazer by the end of Week 3, Term 1 2015.  After this time any remaining blazers will be donated to Pastoral Care.

Lost Property and Naming of Uniform Items
Please ensure that ALL clothing and belongings brought into school are CLEARLY NAMED.  Unnamed uniform items in lost property will be donated to the Pastoral Care team.  We recommend that school jackets are embroidered with a surname above the 'Sacred Heart College' on the back of the jacket, using the same font and colour thread. You may also wish to have your son’s name embroidered on his house shirt – either at the collar on the back of the shirt, or under the crest on the front.  These are the items most commonly lost.
Please label all other items on the tag using indelible ink or your own printed labels.  Laundry markers are available from the Shop at a cost of $6, or you can order labels online from www.nameit.co.nz  Shoes and sandals can be named using white-out marker or stick-in labels.

Student Appearance

  • Hair must be clean, tidy, above the collar and not over the eyes. Students are not permitted to shave their head. No. 2 and above are permitted only. 
  • Colouring, dyes or extreme hair styles (e.g. No. 1, plaits, braids, spikes or side shavings with long fringes) are not permitted.
  • Students at all levels must be clean shaven and side burns should not be below the ear. 
  • Tattoos are not permitted. 
  • Body piercing is not permitted. 
  • Students are expected to have clean skin and to protect themselves against body and foot odour. 

Price list
Please download the 2017 Uniform Price list from the Resources panel, updated 1 December 2016.

Stationery Items
The Uniform Shop is currently stocking a range of basic stationery items that the students may purchase. Please download the Stationery Price list from the Resources panel.

All enquiries regarding the school uniform can be emailed to Mrs Jen France at the Uniform Shop or phone 09 529 3669.


summersmallSummer Uniform - Terms 1 and 4

Years 7 to 10
Short-sleeved shirt
Black McKinlay Safari sandals
School cap


Years 11 to 13
Short-sleeved shirt*
Shorts with black McKinlay Safari sandals; or trousers (with black leather belt) and black lace-up shoes with black socks



Year 13
*Students entering in Year 13 are required to purchase the Senior summer shirt.





winter-uniform2Winter Uniform - Terms 2 and 3

Years 7 to 10
Long-sleeved shirt
Black lace-up shoes with Sacred Heart school socks



summer-seniorYears 11 to 13
Long-sleeved shirt*
Trousers (with black leather belt)
and black lace-up shoes and
black socks



Year 13
*Students entering in Year 13 may 
purchase the Senior
winter shirt.

formal-uniformFormal Uniform

Years 7 to 10
White shirt and Sacred Heart College tie
Black lace-up shoes with Sacred Heart school socks

Years 11 to 13
White Shirt and Sacred Heart school tie*
Blazer (compulsory for Years 11 to 13)
Trousers (with black leather belt) and black lace-up shoes with black socks

Year 13
*Year 13 students must wear a Senior's tie.



Physical Education Uniform

Years 7 and 8
Navy PE shorts, House T-shirt and blue polo shirt





house-tshirtsYears 9 to 13
Navy PE shorts or Rugby shorts and House T-shirt


The uniforms for the individual sports in which the College presents teams for competition will follow the pattern for that sport as laid down by the Director of Sport. Please see the individual sport code information on the Sports page on this website for further details.


Optional Uniform

The school jacket, tracksuit pants, jersey and scarf are optional items.

Shoes must be school regulation – plain, black, lace-up leather. No suede, designed, rimmed or slip-on shoes are allowed. Shoes must be clean and polished at all times.

Summer footwear - McKinlay Safari
Winter and Formal footwear - Black leather lace-up shoes