Wednesday Sport

Sport for Years 7 and 8 revolves around our traditional Wednesday afternoon of sport.  The local schools that we generally compete against across all four terms are King's School (Remuera), Dilworth Junior School, St Kentigern School (Remuera), Year 7 and 8 at St Kentigern College and Year 7 and 8 at St Peter's College.

Term 1

At the beginning of Term 1 the boys will be doing Athletics Prelims in preparation for Twilight Athletics (Thursday 19 February).  For the remainder of the term, coaching for Baseball, Tennis and Cricket will take place.  Inter-house competitions will be arranged for each of these sports.  If boys do not wish to take part in these three sports codes, then summer sports will be Super Sports i.e. t-ball, long ball, Non Stop cricket etc.  The final three weeks will be taken up with trials for the winter sports which are Rugby, Football and Hockey.

Cricket: (Milo Cup)

Trials take place for the Milo Cup Team, which will be arranged by the coach.  Boys need to supply their own Cricket gear and these games are generally played through to 4.30pm.  Transport is arranged to the venue (if not playing at SHC), but parents have to arrange transport directly home after all games at 4.30pm.

Terms 2 and 3

In the winter Terms 2 and 3, teams are run in Football, Rugby and Hockey.  Boys can opt to trial for whichever sport they wish.  There is a first and second team for each of these codes.


Any students who do not make the 1st and 2nd X1 football teams are put into teams that make up our 'Challenge Trophy'Football Competition with St Kentigern School, St Kentigern College, Kings Prep and Dilworth Junior School.    Last year we had nine “Challenge Trophy” football teams.  These teams generally play at Sacred Heart or at Crossfield Park grounds however, some teams travel to these other schools by bus and return to Sacred Hear around 2.30pm.  Our 1st and 2nd X1 teams play in exchanges with the other schools and are played either here or at the host school.  These teams are transported by bus and returned to Sacred Heart around 2.30pm.


As with Football, there are open trials for these teams.  The 1st and 2nd XV teams are selected and then the remaining boys are organised into 3rd XV rugby teams or 'Challenge Trophy' football teams.  The reason for some Rugby players having to play 'Challenge Trophy Football' is because there is a weight limit for our 1st and 2nd XV Rugby teams of under 68kg and our 3rd XV teams weight limit is under 55kg.     We had three rugby teams competing in the '3rd XV rugby' Tournament which is run similar to the 'Challenge Trophy Football Tournament' with the same schools above.   The 1st and 2nd XV Rugby teams play in exchanges with the other schools including St Peter’s College.  They play either here or at the other host school.  These teams are transported by bus and returned to Sacred Heart around 2.30pm.


We trial boys for our 1st and 2nd X1 Hockey teams and these teams play either here or at another school and are transported to and from the venue, returning to Sacred Heart by 2.30pm.

Term 4

In Term 4 we hold our House Competition.  Each House has one team represented in each of the following sports:  Basketball, Touch, Sevens and Football.  All other students compete in ‘Tabloid Sports’.

Water Polo:

Our Water Polo teams are also entered into the local competition, with games usually held at our aquatics centre – this tournament takes place from Term 2 through to Term 4.  


Year 7 and 8 students who wish to play Basketball usually play in the after school tournament at ASB Stadium in Kohimarama. The team selected to play in the Year 7/8 Eastern Zone tournament is generally taken from the teams that regularly play in the after school tournaments. At the end of Term 3 and during Term 4, students wishing to play in the Basketball House Competition can put their names down for their house team.

Zone Competitions

We enter Eastern Zone tournaments in a number of different sports where possible, and success here can lead to Auckland Championships.  In 2013 we entered tournaments in the following codes:  Football, Milo Cup Cricket, Rugby, Basketball,

Swimming, Cross-country, Touch and Athletics.


Unless told otherwise, the boys will wear their sky blue polo shirt for Wednesday Sport.  The boys wear their PE shorts for Wednesday sport, and in the winter, socks and boots are required for football and rugby.  All rugby players will also need to purchase a Sacred Heart College Rugby jersey, and of course mouth-guards are compulsory for Rugby and Hockey. If boys are chosen for one of the Cricket teams, then they will wear white longs, Tennis players will need to bring their own racquets.


If your son cannot participate on a Wednesday sport afternoon, he must provide a written note from his parent, or an email to his homeroom teacher on the Wednesday morning or before, to explain this.