Academic Achievements

2019 Scholarship Results
Alfred Metzler Biology
Fergus Harland History
Harry  Sipos English, Geography and Biology
Aidan de Souza Biology and Statistics
Leo McKay Classical Studies
Liam  McGuire English, Biology, Statistics, PE

and History

Micah Steven History
Lucas  Colonna Design
Finn  Welham Physics
Christopher  Ansley Photography
James Evans History
Louis Wall Design
Thomas  Dunbar Statistics
Ray Emata English, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus
William  Waters Calculus
Bob Liu Calculus


2019 NCEA Excellence Endorsements Multiple course

The criteria for being awarded an Academic Excellence badge is as follows;
A course endorsed with Excellence at the NCEA level that corresponds to the student’s age is awarded 1 point.
A course endorsed with Merit at the NCEA level that is a year ahead of the student’s age is awarded 1 point.
A course endorsed with Excellence at the NCEA level that is a year ahead of the student’s age is awarded 2 points.
A total of four points in any given year is required to be awarded an Academic Excellence badge.

Congratulations to the following boys who have met this criteria in the 2019 NCEA exams:

Year 10 in 2019
Matthew Howard, Tim Schwabe, and Liam Buyck.

Year 11 in 2019
Leo Farrell, Damian Tuala, William O'Connell, William Waters, Caleb Hooper, Patrick Marsters-Fonotoe, John Dominic Alo, Thomas Partington, Masaya Hoshino, Ryan McGuire, Charles Brunton, Moses Hafoka, Aidan Kozyniak, Tom Yalda, Joshua Curtis, Christopher Valenzuela, Matthew Mitchell and Kieran Murphy.

Year 12 in 2019
Julio Romero Corbin Keane Giovanni Rogers Declan Viljoen Eugene Odiaz Liam Mobbs James Coughlan Bailey Salmon Stefan Caird John Misa, Fergus Harland, Matthew Sutton, Finn Welham, Micah Steven and Conall Sims.

Year 13 in 2019
Liam McGuire, Aidan de Souza, Alfred Metzler, Ray Emata, Harry Sipos and Lorenzo Borja.

Duxes of Sacred Heart College
2019 Liam McGuire 2020 Fergus Harland
2017 Heinrich Metzler 2018 Alasdair Tremlett
2015 Chrysteon Dias 2016 John Gorham
2013 H Fookes and R Kelly 2014 H Fookes
2011 Z Fookes 2012 H She and H Fitz-Gerald
2009 A McKay 2010 J Fisk
2007 L Fisk 2008 G Coleman
2005 J R Nelson 2006 A Reeve
2003 J Wong 2004 J S Nelson
2001 M Yang 2002 M Chan/N Menzies
1999 S Fitness 2000 J Caldwell/B Keown
1997 G Corboy 1998 M Watson
1995 S Wright 1996 A Pais
1993 S Cogan 1994 D J McGillivray
1991 J Dunningham 1992 M Officer/R Pereira
1989 D A Iupati 1990 J I Woo
1987 P Carter 1988 C D Burns
1985 P Holden 1986 B Masters
1983 M Smits 1984 D Lowe
1981 C Surynt 1982 W Taylor
1979 B Reid 1980 M Pattenden
1977 C Henwood 1978 B Massey
1975 G Devine 1976 R Sheehan
1973 J Devine 1974 P Schimmel
1971 S Truijens/R Mawdsley 1972 P McMillan
1969 M Dunn 1970 D Grant
1967 W Donnelly 1968 M Sloane
1965 J Dunn 1966 P Franklin
1963 L Doolan 1964 J O’Grady
1961 J Brosnahan 1962 M Walls
1959 M Morley 1960 J L’Estrange
1957 J Vodanovich 1958 P Callaghan
1955 D Ryan 1956 J Kirk
1953 P Fama 1954 P Gage
1951 M Freyne 1952 G Clarke
1949 K Free 1950 P Dronke
1947 R Roche 1948 S Jones
1945 R Whittington 1946 M Hall
1943 T E Kelly 1944 W Dervan
1941 R Farrelly 1942 K Peters
1939 I Luketina 1940 H Murphy
1937 R Ockleford 1938 G Imrie
1935 D Gamble 1936 R Ockleford
1933 P Dunn 1934 P Dunn
1931 V McGovern 1932 L Lee
1929 R Cuddon-Large 1930 M Joseph
1927 J McVeagh 1928 R Cuddon-Large
1925 P Soljak 1926 R Kennan
1923 E Bailey 1924 P Soljak
1921 W Kalaugher 1922 E Bailey
1919 J Butler 1920 W Kalaugher
1917 T Martin 1918 W McCarthy
1915 M Flynn 1916 M Flynn
1913 J Hally 1914 L Kelly
1911 R McVeagh 1912 L Buxton
1909 J Scott 1910 D J O’Connor
1907 C Carroll 1908 J Scott
1905 E Mahoney 1906 B Lavery
1903 P Amodeo 1904 E Mahoney