Arts & Culture Information

Art and cultural activities provide opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging, to support and encourage others, to learn about leadership, create group spirit and to resolve conflict.

Students begin to understand how to interact constructively with others while working towards a common goal. They also learn and perfect their own individual skills and talents.

At Sacred Heart College, all students are strongly encouraged to participate in a cultural or service group, or to join one of our many bands.

Each year the College puts together a Production culminating in three or four nights of performances to typically sold-out crowds. For more details on getting involved, contact the music department


Arts Tie Award

The Arts Tie Award, brought to our college in 2004, is an acknowledgment of the dedication and talent of senior students representing our college in Arts-related areas. These Year 12 or 13 students have made a significant contribution to one or more of the major Arts in the College: Visual, Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, Debating, Public Speaking, Media, or Creative Writing. Recipients have consistently performed at a high level in their fields of artistic endeavour within the school, over several years. Additionally, some recipients have achieved a success that is recognised within the Auckland region and/or at a national/international level. 

The 2020 recipients are:


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