Arts & Culture Information

Art and cultural activities provide opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging, to support and encourage others, to learn about leadership, create group spirit and to resolve conflict.

Students begin to understand how to interact constructively with others while working towards a common goal. They also learn and perfect their own individual skills and talents.

At Sacred Heart College, all students are strongly encouraged to participate in a cultural or service group, or to join one of our many bands.

Arts Ties
An Arts Tie, conceived in 2004, is a prestigious award that is given to Senior students who have been involved in the Arts at the highest level over several years. It is an honour to receive an Arts Tie, and the boys who gain these understand this. The major criteria for recipients is that they have represented the College in events that showcase their talent.

2017 Arts Ties recipients
L to R: Tasman Clark, Patrick Oei, Finbar MacLeod, guest speaker Felix Vaunois ('14), Charlie Stone and Timothy Edwards