Arts Honours

Bernie Alan, Denis O'Connor and Rikki Morris

The Arts Honours Board was introduced in 2006 by the  Sacred Heart College PTA to mark the association’s Golden Jubilee - 50 years of service and support to our College.  The Executive of that time, led by Mr Kelvin Mephan, presented to the College an Arts Honours Board to recognise Old Boys who have contributed significantly to the Arts in the fields of Literature, Visual Arts, Music, Film, Dance or Drama, and have been recognised on a national or International basis. This proposal has been endorsed by the Board of Trustees and Senior Management, the Old Boys Association and the Sacred Heart College Development Foundation. 

Ceremonies to celebrate and induct new members were held in 2006, 2008, and 2014, and the most recent group was honoured, fittingly, in 2017 on the occasion of the inauguration of the new 'School of Imagination'.

The following is the list of Old Boys who have been inducted as members of our Arts Honours Board:

Recipient   Awarded For         Year Awarded
Peter George Bush ('47)      Photography 2006
Daniel Davin ('30) Literature 2006
David Joseph Dobbyn ('74) Music 2006
Brian Timothy (Tim) Finn ('70) Music 2006
Toa Anthony Fraser ('92) Drama 2006
Michael Joseph ('30) Literature 2006
Milan Mrkusich ('41) Art 2006
Vincent Gerard O'Sullivan ('55)       Literature 2006
Mike Chunn ('70) Music 2008
Gregory L O'Brien ('78) Literary Arts 2008
John Cowie Reid ('31) Literature 2008
Jeffrey Grice ('70) Music 2014
Paul Harrop ('58) Music 2014
Edward Kavanagh ('10) Broadcasting              2014
Michael Morley ('59) Literature 2014
Francis Desmond Torley ('57)              Television 2014
Peter Urlich ('74) Music 2014
Bernal (Bernie) Alan ('54) Music 2017
Ian Morris ('74) Music 2017
Rikki Morris ('78) Music 2017
Denis O'Connor ('63) Artist 2017
Keith Waite ('43) Literary Arts 2017