BYOD Information

At Sacred Heart College, our vision is to prepare each student to leave the College well-grounded in his faith, and ready and able to participate in a complex and changing world with the determination to succeed at the highest level in personal and professional life.

The vision that we have developed is focused on the premise that having a personal device allows the learning to become more effectively personalised, available to the student anywhere, anytime and at the pace that works for the individual. We call it blended learning - where the best of the existing approaches is blended with the best of what the technology has to offer. We are seeking to maximise engagement with the hope that better engagement leads to deeper learning, more intellectual, conceptual and creative thinking with greater understanding and retention. 

We recommend our students start with a device such as a Chromebook for our Year 7-10 students or a Laptop for Seniors. If you already have a suitable iPad for your son, this will also be acceptable (please see below for specifications). If purchasing a device will be difficult for your family financially, please contact Br Gerard Mahony,

To assist you in deciding on the device for your son, please find below some basic information including key capabilities to consider. Please note, there are many low-cost tablet-style devices on the market. We would advise against purchasing these as they are often unsuitable for our requirements.

Minimum recommended specifications:
• Light and Portable
• Able to operate Google Apps – Chrome, Drive, Classroom
• Able to connect to wireless networks
• RAM – minimum of 4GB (Chromebook/Laptop), 32GB (iPad)
• Suitable battery life – to be charged at home and able to last throughout the school day
• A keyboard – built-in or with Bluetooth capability
• Anti-virus software
• Robust and sturdy enough for school use
• Insured against loss or damage. Please note, the College will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage occurring at school
• Solid protective case or bag

It is vital to understand the importance of the battery on the device, and the ability for it to last 8hrs. Please ensure all things are considered, including system abilities, storage capacity and most importantly the battery life. 

Purchase Information
A number of retailers have acceptable device options for our students. Please see below a list of suggested outlets to purchase from, some of which offer finance options and added extras such as extended warranties and insurance. 

PB Tech:
Warehouse Stationery:
Noel Leeming:
The Warehouse:
Cyclone: Password: Marist1903

Important Notes

  • Insurance: The College strongly recommends that you check the details on your House and Contents Insurance. If your insurance company designates ‘the school’ as a workplace then the device will not be covered by your insurance. The College recommends that you confirm details with your insurance company so that the device is covered.
  • Apps: These will be charged to you through the Stationery Fee and distributed through the College’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. This is to ensure that all students have the correct version of the Apps that are required.