Debating begins for 2015

Debating for 2015 has begun with results from Round 1 as follows: 

The Junior Debate teams had a prepared debate for Round 1. The moot was That the government should not fund Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup challenge. The boys ended the round with 2 wins and 2 losses.

Sacred Heart 4 beat Macleans 1 and Sacred Heart 2 beat Macleans 3. However, Sacred Heart 3 lost to Macleans and Sacred Heart 1 lost Pakuranga 2.


The Senior Debate teams also had a prepared debate. Their moot was: That Mandarin should be a compulsory subject at school. These boys came away with 2 wins and a 1 loss.

Sacred Heart 1 beat Pakuranga 2 and Sacred Heart 2 beat Kings 2. Sacred Heart 3 was beaten by Ormiston 2.


Sacred Heart College is this year hosting the Advanced Open division. This competition began with an impromptu debate. Their moot was revealed to be: That State Houses should remain in wealthy suburbs.

Sacred Heart 2 defeated Diocesan 2. Sacred Heart 1 was beaten by Edgewater 1.

The Premier Advanced division began with an impromptu debate, the moot being: This House supports military intervention against IS.

Sacred Heart 2 defeated Kings 2. Sacred Heart 1 was beaten St Dominics.

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