Maadi Cup, 2015

2015 has been a year of rebuilding rowing at Sacred Heart, and following on with a new head coach, new land programmes and a new focus on smaller boats we are proud to report that the squad have achieved the following results at the Secondary Schools Rowing Championships, the Maadi Cup. The regatta is the largest in Australasia with over 2000 competitors from 121 schools throughout the country.


Looking at only the boys schools for comparison these schools range from rowing powerhouses Hamilton BHS, Christs College, Auckland Grammar and Westlake BHS to Kings High School from Dunedin with only 4 rowers at the competition. Large number of school never make A and B Finals, but thankfully we are among those schools that indeed do qualify for top level finals and our results can be seen below.


U18 LW four#1                  Heat 3rd                Rep 1st                                                  A Final 7th

U18 LW four#2                  Heat 5th                Rep 6th                                                  B Final 3rd

U16 four                              Heat 1st                 SF 1st                                                      A Final BRONZE

U18 Novice eight              Heat 2nd                                                                                A Final SILVER   

U17 double sculls#1        Heat 4th                QF 4th                    SF 6th                     B Final 2nd

U18 LW double                 Heat 2nd                SF 3rd                                                     A Final 4th

U18 double sculls             Heat 5th                Rep 4th                  SF 7th                     B Final 4th

U17 quad sculls                 Heat 3rd                Rep 4th                  SF 4th                     A Final 8th

U18 Novice four               Heat 2nd                Rep 2nd                 SF 3rd                     A Final 8th

U15 octuple                        Heat 5th                                                                                A Final 5th


What is important to note is that of the 37 boys we took away to the nationals, all 37 were in either one of our 7 A or 4 B Finals which is a feat not achieved at Sacred Heart for a number of years. Even though you can see only medals won by us, as an indication of how tough the field is, Auckland Grammar came away with only two BRONZE medals, Westlake BHS with only two SILVER medals and St Kents with one SILVER and one BRONZE. We are extremely proud of how our young men performed not only on the water, but also throughout the season, their dedication to their sport and responsibilities as Sacred Heart men have been unfailing.


Now we look forward to the future and invite all other budding rowers to come join us in our quest for that ultimate level of success, a GOLD medal at the Maadi Cup in 2016.


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