World Challenge Trip to Nepal

After over a year of fundraising the boys were excited to finally set off for Nepal, leaving Auckland on 28 March. We arrived in Kathmandu and spent a day relaxing before catching a bus to the start of a seven day trek, where we spent our first night in our tents. Energised and excited, the next day we made our way to Langtang Township. The views were spectacular and constantly changing throughout the seven days, with a rewarding view of Langtang Mountain from 4000 meters.

From the trek we went south to Chitwan for the project phase of the trip. The boys enjoyed a day’s shopping in the markets before heading to a small primary school where we spent the next four days.

We started with a traditional Nepalese welcome then got straight to work. Part of the school was surrounded with a barbed wire fence. First we had to remove the wire, then took out the concrete poles that held it up; then we started with the brick laying. It was tough work, especially in the heat, but with the encouragement of the local kids and our determination, we managed to build the school a solid brick wall. We performed the school Haka to the community as we embarked on the final part of the trip, the rest and relaxation phase.

We stayed in Chitwan for a few more days as everyone was excited for a jeep safari. Although the weather wasn’t great, the boys all enjoyed seeing a rare one-horned Rhino and countless birds and deer.

On the way back to Kathmandu we stopped and spent half the day white water rafting. Many of the boys stated that this was one of the highlights of the trip.

Once we were back in Kathmandu we went to the largest Stupa in Asia and Nepal’s famous Monkey Temple. Both were
amazing knowing how old and culturally significant these treasures were. It is now heart-breaking to know that these places are damaged or destroyed; not to mention the massive loss of life in the very recent earthquake. Our hearts go out to those affected by the earthquake. We made our way home on Saturday 18 April and are all extremely grateful we were not directly affected by the disaster that was about to strike. We are now looking forward to doing what we can to assist with the relief efforts.

Ben O’Brien.

To help with the relief efforts in Nepal, Sacred Heart College are holding a mufti day on Friday 8 May. We ask that every boy brings a donation to help with this collection. We have  a very strong tie with Nepal and the Nepalese people thanks to Sir Edmund Hillary, so it would be wonderful if a $5 note, which depicts Sir Ed, could be donated by each boy. We thank you in anticipation of this fundraising day. 

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