Business Boot Camp – Massey University

Two of our students were selected to attend the Business Boot Camp offered through Massey University during the April school break.  Both of them also walked away with a $1000 scholarship from Massey.   This is what they had to say about their amazing experiences. 

“My name is George Robinson and I was given the opportunity to visit the Massey University Campus over in Albany during the school holidays. Even though it might be off putting to take time out of your holidays to do something school related for 5 days, I can assure you that this Boot Camp was nothing like you’d ever experience at school. This boot camp offered me more than what you’d do in any classroom at school, almost a taste of what university will possibly be like. During my time there I was able to meet a whole new set of people, from all over the North Island. Some of which I made very good mates with who I keep in contact with after the camp finished. I was able to network with a group of Uni lecturers who offered a lot of insight on how businesses work and what they require from a person, like me, before hiring them. I was also able to visit many businesses, from large ones like BNZ to small business which recently started up, and gained a vast amount of information which can be used for the rest of my life. Interacting with new people is a skill that is hard to practice in a school environment because you generally see the same people every day for years. The Business Boot Camp really helps you build a completely new mind-set by putting yourself outside your comfort zone in order to strengthen skills that wouldn’t be taught at school which are essential in today’s society. Overall I thought the Business Boot Camp was something definitely worth experiencing and shouldn’t be discarded if given the opportunity to attend it.

Alexander Borawski said: “The Massey Business Boot Camp was a life changer because of the multiple different skills we learned from people with different backgrounds and from different organisations, such as public speaking skills from Toastmasters to learning about the different forms of sustainability from companies such as Juicy rentals. This event was definitely worth the week in the holidays as the networking I personally have achieved has been extraordinary and the people I have met who came from the schools around the North Island, I will never forget”.

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