Survive a Slum, 2015

On Saturday 9 May,  42 students participated in the 2015 ‘Survive a Slum’.

We were allowed take the following: a shirt, shorts, a jumper, an additional piece of  warm clothing or a blanket/sleeping bag. We arrived at 5pm for the Sacred Heart Mass and left our boxes where we were going to sleep that night. After the Mass we met at the Pompallier Quad to create our bed for the night. Our cardboard box was stationed right outside 8CY with Finn bringing  one massive box and three smaller boxes, and Hamish and I only bring One!


After arranging our boxes, we had a dinner of rice and water. Once everyone had finished, we had our first activity which involved buckets of water.We were split into teams and had to carry a bucket full of water to a cone and back without trying to spill the water in it. I was in a team with with Hugo and it didn’t do very well when I tried to pass the bucket to him! Following this activity we went up to a classroom where we were educated on homelessness around the world and in NZ.

Once this was finished we headed down to the gym to do our last activity, multisport and dodgeball. Now ready for bed, we came back up to do last minute adjustments to our cardboard box. When we did get to bed it was cold, really freezing and the the prospect of rain would have been dreadful. When you are out there, you really get the feeling of what it would have been like to be homeless. We slept through this for just one night, many people in New Zealand have to suffer this fate every night on the cold, wet, hard ground.

Conall Sims, Year 8



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