Debating update, 22 May 2015

Debating up to week ending May 21st

Last week the Advanced debating teams both lost. They struggled to get to grips with the moot which was: That celebrities should not front humanitarian causes.

The Premier Junior teams had a win and a loss. SHC#2 remain unbeaten but the news was not as good for SHC#1. Their moot was whether New Zealand should only imprison violent offenders.

In the following week the Junior teams had one actual win defeating Pakuranga College. SHC#1 and SHC3# did win, but by default. Only SHC#3 was beaten, this time by St Kents. It was an advised topic moot: that all place names in Aotearoa be only referred to by their Maori names.

The Seniors came through with victories to SHC#1 and SHC#2 against St Kents and Sancta Maria; SHC#3 lost. Again it was an advised topic moot, this time: this House would encourage their children to be competitive.

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