International Students Rugby Tournament, 2015

The International Student Rugby Tournament went well yesterday. We had a fantastic display of talent for the 5-a-side tackle game. Special thanks to Simon Hayden for reffing, Kerry Plamus for coaching and to Daria Spence for her tireless promotion, set up and logistics. Thanks to Deece, Whetuu, Lorna, Marie and all the teachers who supported and encouraged the boys to play.


The full contact 5-a-side Rugby game saw the boys fearless and ruthless, tackling everything that moved. Even young Genzui had a go at tackling seniors Petero Chan and Xiang Wang. We saw Hohin Tsang’s team ‘The Cupcakes’ compiled of Petero Chan (Y12), Terry Pongi (Y10), Xiang Wang (Y12), Future Li (Y12) and Alex Alliez (Y12) play a dominating second half as they gathered some set pieces and saw a few flying wingers crossing the line successfully after complaining that they would only play touch and didn’t have the right equipment and were not keen to play a tackle game etc. Excuses such as vision impairment, size differences and tiredness were quickly forgotten and the boys played a strong and aggressive game for their teachers and fellow school mates and the 60-odd spectators.


On his last day at Sacred Heart, Tour Srijaranai (Y13) lead ‘The Bibs’ with a strong try-for-try match in the first half, until an injury saw Robin Chiang lead off the field only later to continue playing as if nothing had happened. They slowed down in the second half though, allowing the Cupcakes to beat them close to five tries ahead. Team members were: Quentin Vilbesset (Y12), Genzui Mishiba (Y9), Fronk Warapisan (Y12), Robin Chiang (Y12) and honorary international student Logan Pierce (Y10)  who comes and trains with us weekly after Daria’s friendly weekly summons around the campus.


Final score: 12-8 to the Cupcakes.


The Touch game saw our regular Glendowie College international students integrate and our French student Thibauld lead his 6-man team into a draw at the end. There were some beginners who were enthusiastic in running ahead and wondering why they couldn’t get a pass and the more experienced showing off their skills with some wrapping and cutting.


It will be back by popular demand next term so watch this space!

Ms Ngawai Hooker, HOD English Language Learning



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