Debating update – teams into finals, 2015

The Break signalling entry to the final series has been announced. Four of our teams, across three divisions, have completed the Round Robin with enough points to qualify for the finals.


The Junior SHC#2 team, which comprises of Paul Tulilo, Ted Dobbs, Joseph Peyroux and Thomas Dodds will debate their first Octo-Final on Monday 3 August.

The Senior SHC#1 team, Conor Nelson, Verniel Virtucio and Marcus Palao will have their Octo-Final on Tuesday 4 August.

Both the Premier Junior #1 and #2, Charlie Stone, Hienrich Metzler, William Swan and Louis Addock, William Miller, Julius Tapert and  will begin their Quarter Finals on August 12. Both of these teams are coached by 2014 Dux, Harrison Fookes. 


To make it a debate heavy fortnight, the Advanced #2 team, John Gorham, Derrick Edward, Jake Kelly-Hulse and Thomas Collins, will travel to Tauranga to defend the Jane Schollum Cup on Tuesday 4 August.

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