Business Studies Market Day 2

SUCCESS!!  2015 Year 10 Business Studies Market Day Exhibition

On Wednesday 23 September, the four classes of Mrs Collins, Miss Carlisle and Mr Ross had a Market Day Exhibition where they proudly displayed their business activity and sample/concept product at lunch time in the old Hall.  We are proud to announce the winners of the following: 

1.     Most Innovative Product:  Sunsafe (Cooper Vile, Zachary O’Meagher, Matty McGuire, Henry Evans)

2.     Most Impressive Exhibit:  WEDT (Callum Smidt, Joshua Kingston, Jack Duncan, Dillon Carroll) 

3.     Best Marketing: Duckin Good Cases (Lachlan Salmon, Joshua Leger, Sebastian Lardies, Harris Danielson)

4.     Best Business Plan: JBC Infinite Cologne (Shannon Wimalarantne, Brett Menezes, Jack Kiely, Connor Welham)    

5.     Best Groupwork:  Hectic Pen (Lauchlan Young, Nathan O’Connor, Miller McQuoid, Reuben Bull); Flippin Caps (Ethan Thomas, Riley Malcolm, Hamish Banks, Reilly Oliver, Joseph Peyroux);  Major League Loungers (Michael Braem, Benjamin Watkin, Caleb Edwards, Lewis Grey, James Belcher, Adam Clayton)   


Students had the following to say about the Exhibition:

“Sacred Heart College Market Day is a day where you will have fun and a day you will never forget. You will be able to experience the greatness of our students.”,
“we could have presented our product to the lady a little bit better. If we planned and organised our product earlier and better we would have probably got a better mark.”,
“It was fun I had a great time and our product was one of the the best there in my opinion, our teacher taught us well as we produced a great product, sheep skin jandals. It was the best part about commerce over the year of 2015.”,
“My market day was a fun enjoyable one, we worked well as a group and I think that we deserved our mark of merit.”,
“Our Duck Cases IPad product may have not been the most innovative but we easily marketed it the best. That is why we won the marketing certificate. We duplicated our logo all over the page when the judge came and we showed off our product amazingly well. We talked well and persuaded her into liking our product. Overall our group did well and we are proud what we have achieved. We hope to do more good stuff in the future.”,
“Sacred Heart College’s Market Day Exhibition is a day not to be missed. With SHC’s brightest students coming together to showcase their imagination and innovation, you will not see a place with better original products!”


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