KR1 Cambridge Christmas Rowing Regatta

This is the first 2000m regatta of the season, and our first opportunity to test the boys training under new coach Greg Reid. The results were stellar compared to previous years, a real indication that these recent changes have made a significant difference in performance. It is still a long way to go before Maadi Cup in April 2016, but be sure that the Sacred boys are well on their way to a record making season in rowing.

A Finals (14 crews)

U16 quad 7th

U17 eight 3rd

U15 eight 4th

U18 four 8th

U18 Novice eight 2nd

U15 quad 6th

U17 four 3rd

U18 double 3rd

U16 eight 3rd and 8th

Men’s Club eight 4th

U18 Novice four 1st

U15 octo 4th

U18 eight 7th

B Finals (3 crews)

U16 four 3rd and 4th

U16 double 7th

C Finals (2 crews)

U17 doubles 2nd and 6th

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