KR2 Cambridge Town Cup. 2016

Our rowers have just come off 10 days on the road with two regattas and rowing camp. Today we finished the Cambridge Town Cup Regatta on lake Karapiro. We are very pleased with the results as follows;


Finals Day

U16 quad A Final 8th

U17 eight A Final 2nd

U16 four B Final 7th

U15 eight A Final 4th

U18 Novice eight A Final 1st

U18 double A Final 1st and 3rd

U18 double B Final 2nd

U16 eight A Final 6th

U15 four A Final 5th

U18 Novice four A Final 1st and 4th

Men’s Club eight A Final 6th

U15 octo A Final 4th

U18 eight A Final 4th


Summary of Placings

1st X 3

2nd X 2

3rd X 1

4th X 4

5th X 1

6th X 2

7th X 1

8th X 1


We have 2 months until Maadi Cup so it’s a busy time for all.

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