Inter-House Swimming Competition, 2016

The Inter-House Swimming competitions were held last week. The Years 7 and 8 competition was swum on Tuesday 9 February and the Senior competition on Thursday 9 February on a cloudy day. There was however, great House spirit with much chanting and support for all the swimmers. Pompallier was the winning house on the day, house points are as follows:

Pompallier 1423 points
Stephen 1400 points
Coolahan 1321 points
Lenihan 1233 points
Marcellin 1227 points
Basil 1194 points

Junior Champions 2016
Year 7: Conor Pointon

Year 8: Matthew Gin

Results of the Championship races are as follows:

Year 7 1st 2nd 3rd
1 length breast T Cummins N O’Brien C Pointon
1 length back C Pointon L Thomas J Taurua-Newland
1 length fly C Pointon F Lynch N O’Brien
1 length free (Thurs) C Pointon L Thomas W Johnson
Year 8 1st 2nd 3rd
1 length breast M Gin J Boughey P Hannan
1 length back P Hannan M Gin J Milicich
1length fly M Gin P Hannan L Hannah
1 length free (Thurs) P Hannan M Gin L Hannah

Senior Champions 2016

U14: Joel Hannah

U15: Louie Ferigo

U16: Louis Kiely

Senior: Daniel Koenigsperger

Results of the Championship races are as follows:


Under 14
Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
100m free J Hannah H Wigley L Regan X Silk M Sutton
1 length free J Hannah J Kingi X Silk/M Sutton H Wigley
1 length breast J Kingi J Hannah X Silk K Anitelea M Sutton
1 length fly X Silk J Kingi J Hannah H Wigley E Odiaz
1 length back J Kingi A Matthews J Hannah M Burggraaf X Silk
2 lengths free J Hannah J Kingi L Regan H Wigley X Silk


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