KR3 Might River Power Regatta, 2016

The rowers arrived back in Auckland late Sunday night after a very full weekend of racing. With a two hour delay to racing on Saturday due to thick fog, we didn’t finish until after 7pm. Sunday was another full day of heats and finals.


The results are as below. In particular I would like highlight our U18 Novice eight and U18 Novice four crews who are unbeaten so far this season. They are Auckland Champs, NZ Club Champs and will seek to become North Island Champs in two weeks before going to Nationals.

The other highlight is our Senior Eight who are now within 2 seconds of the most dominant rowing school this decade, Hamilton Boys High School.


KR3 Mighty River Power Junior Regatta-Results Summary


A Finals

U18 pair 3rd

U17 eight 2nd

U18 LW four 4th

U18 N eight 1st

U15 eight 3rd

U18 LW double 2nd

U18 LW double 4th

U16 eight 5th

U17 quad 7th

U18 N four 1st

U18 N four 4th

U15 octo 5th

U18 eight 3rd


B Finals

U17 double 6th

U17 double 7th

U16 eight 4th



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