Pompallier Shield Competition, 2016

The Pompallier Shield was hosted at Liston College in Henderson on a wild and wet night. All the Catholic schools in the Auckland region plus Pompallier College  from Whangarei, were involved. Sacred Heart was once again successful winning the cup for the 8th time. The team was comprised of Finbar MacLeod (Senior Oratory), David Faalau-Solia (Junior Oratory), Mason Lawlor (Maori Scriptures), William Gatting (Senior Scripture) and Fergus Harland (Junior Scripture). 

Finbar won the Senior Oratory with his speech on Mercy and how he, as a teenager, could follow Pope Francis’s decree in being a steward of the planet for future generations. Finbar wrote and delivered an outstanding speech; he  is a wonderful orator who truly comes alive in front of an audience. He injected humour and humility into his speech. David came third in his section and again gave an energised delivery drawing upon his Samoan heritage. Mason was wonderful as well, drawing a large ovation from his audience as he spoke in fluent Maori and answered his questions in fluent Maori; the only candidate to do so. Mrs Ward and Mr Christie truly brought the best out of Mason on the night. William and Fergus were both polished in their scripture readings and were able to answer the questions in detail that followed. It was a long and wonderful night and the team were truly united in supporting and encouraging each other.

This is a talented, young team with four of the five speakers eligible for 2017.

We are fortunate at Sacred Heart that we have such talented and dedicated teachers who can draw the best from their students demanding excellence yet able to laugh along the way, teachers who can bounce ideas off each other, and encourage each other.Thank you to Fr Stephen Berecz , Principal Jim Dale and former team member Daniel O’Donnell for their support on the night, and the wonderful parents and family members  who braved the elements to be there.

Mrs Anne Renwick, Mrs Margaret Ward and Mr Ben Christie

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