Legends, 2016

On Friday 3 June, Sacred Heart College experienced another great burst of talent. Twelve final contestants that made it through auditions, took part in the school’s traditional talent show Legends 2016.  Legends gives our students an opportunity to express their talents in front of the whole school.


The crowd’s cheering before Legends began, came to its peak when contestant Jack Higgins stepped on the stage and opened the contest with the first item. The Legends 2016 programme was diverse in all aspects, consisting of various genres from pop and rock to rap and r’n’b, with different music casts – soloists, duets and bands with acoustic or electric instruments.


The performances were evaluated by three judges who had a highly demanding task in filtering out the three best acts, with contestants all performing at a very high level. It is outstanding that the three main prizes were won by artists who performed their own original songs. Huge congratulations goes to singer Keenan Soa (3rd place), to rappers Macauley Casey and Rudolf Keil (2nd place) and to Jono Baker (1st place).


The atmosphere in the auditorium was amazing. It was a spectacular afternoon enjoyed by all the school. Big thanks go to Legends’ hosts Ngawai Hooker and Jason Renau who did an outstanding job in keeping the event lively and up-lifting by performing sketches and fun quizzes between the items.


A big thanks to all the student and staff members who helped organise this wonderful event, especially the sound and lighting boys who worked long and late in order to provide the highest technical standards for our performers.

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Mr Nino Sloser
Head of Music

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