Debating update, 16 June 2016

The Advanced Premier teams continue to produce excellent results.

SHC#1 had another win on Wednesday beating Diocesan which takes them to the top of the table with one more round before the break for the final series. They will definitely break for the final series. SHC#2 had a very narrow loss, a quarter of a point, against a highly rated team from Kings and are still in with a chance to make the break. This week’s moot was: this House regrets the nomination of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the American Primaries


The Advanced Open teams have come to the end of their round robin. SHC#1 have finished with four wins from 5 which gives them a mathematical chance of breaking. SHC#2 won their final two debates bringing them to a tally of two wins and three losses. The moot for the final debate was: this House would deny prisoners the right to vote.


The Senior teams have also come to the end of their round robin. SHC#1 should break, however, they have had a terrible run: their opposition defaulting (in fear?) frequently. These default wins do not carry the same weight when the calculation is made as to who will go through to the finals. As importantly, the team have not had the preparation required and, if they make it, will find the final series a big step up. SHC#2 did debate, but were defeated. Their opponents were from Selwyn College and the moot was: this House would ban fast food for children under 14 without adult supervision.


The Junior teams have also come to the end of their round robin. SHC#1 ended the competition unbeaten winning their final debate against Glendowie. The moot was that Debating should be made an Olympic Sport. SHC#2 and SHC#4 both suffered defeats, both to St Kent’s teams. Both these teams need to learn how to work more efficiently as a team in the preparation room if they are going to continue to progress in Debating.

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