Breakfast with the Prime Minister

Aaron Dahmen, a Year 13 student at Sacred Heart College, was given the rare opportunity  of dining with the Prime Minister and addressing him in his role as a Youth Parliamentarian in the Tamaki Electorate.  This was a great honour  for Aaron who is an energised vocal student actively engaged in Politics.  

Here is what Aaron had to say:

Impressions of Breakfast with the Prime Minister

It was a dream come true.

Not only did I eat with our very own Prime Minister John Key – I spoke before him.

In a fantastic morning, and a real highlight of the Youth Parliament journey so far, residents from all across Tamaki convened for the annual event which has become a significant mark on the regional calendar, both for the Prime Minister and for our very own Simon O’Connor.

A true character, Key spoke impressively on events both local and global, also taking questions regarding issues that may be causing confusion or discomfort amongst constituents. With charisma and style, the Prime Minister showed just why many regard him as the best man for the job.

And then I was up, presented with the honour of giving the vote of thanks.

Speaking briefly about Youth Parliament and my ideas in making politics ‘snackable’ for youth, I most certainly relished this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

A massive thank you must go to all involved, both in allowing me to speak and keeping this wonderful tradition alive – it is most certainly a unique way to bring together our people on an annual basis.

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