Unwrap Concert

Unwrap Concert  

“Listen, laugh, learn and enjoy” were the words in the pamphlet describing the event that our students from the music department attended on Tuesday 21 June. Our trip to the ‘Unwrap Concert’ in the Town Hall was a part of a mentoring programme APO provided for our music department.

Highly regarded music educator/conductor Richard Gill this time ‘unwrapped’ Romeo and Juliet, a great orchestral work by Prokofiev and examined what makes it so engaging after all these years. It was part concert, part entertaining lecture, which takes the understanding and enjoyment of the piece to a new level, whether you are a regular concertgoer or new to orchestral music.  Our students loved it.

Here is what they have to say:

Ultra cool great sound. Would go again.

Semaia Va’afusuaga and Ryan Fischbach  

The concert taught me about how the music of Romeo and Juliet was composed and how the pieces used unusual instruments or different ways to play them.

Kyron Manarangi-Brown  

I really enjoyed the concert. The conductor was really interesting and obviously knew a lot about the pieces. My only complaint is that conductor talked too long. I would probably go again as I really enjoyed all three pieces from Romeo and Juliet.

Callum Lloyd

Whilst the composer is very interesting, there should have been more music and less talking to keep a 17 year old like myself particularly interested.

Kent Fletcher  

It was a great experience. It sounded very good. Very impressive. I expected the quiz at the end though.

Salamona Timu      

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