Arts Ties 2016

Today we held our Arts Ties Assembly.  An Arts Tie is a prestigious award that is given to Senior students who have been involved in the Arts at the highest level over several years. It is an honour to receive an Arts Tie, and the boys who gain these understand this. The major criteria for recipients is that they have represented the College in events that showcase their talent.

This year we congratulate the following Arts Ties recipients:

Mason Lawlor                    Dedication to Kapa Haka and Public Speaking

Jack Collins                        Dedication to Music and the Visual Arts

Heinrich Metzler                Dedication to Debating and Writing

William Miller                     Dedication to Music and Debating

Benjamin Piper                  Dedication to Music

Liam Tuapola                     Dedication to Music and Kapa Haka

Derrick Edward                 Dedication to Debating and Audio-visual support

Marcus Palao                    Dedication to Debating and Audio-visual support

Milan Caird                        Dedication to Music and Audio-visual support

Joseph Murray                  Dedication to service in the Library and audio-visual support

Jono Baker                         Dedication to Music

William Swan                     Dedication to Music and Debating

Louis Addock                     Dedication to Film, Writing and Debating

Semaia Va’afusuaga        Dedication to Music and the Samoan Cultural Group

Jake Kelly-Hulse                Dedication to Music, Debating and Writing

Mr Nino Sloser, our new Head of Music, was also presented with an Arts Tie.

Guest speaker was Mr Steven O’Meagher and Arts Prefects Aaron Dahmen and Derrick Edward, were the Masters of Ceremony. The assembly concluded with a musical item, beautifully performed by Year 13 student Callum Lloyd.

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