House Haka Competition, 2017

The annual House Haka Whakataetae Competition was held on Tuesday 4 April 2017, just prior to the opening of the School of Imagination the following Friday.

Judges for the event were Mr Gus Leger, Miss Ruahei Damont and Miss Ngawai Hooker.  Brother John Koorey was the MC for the event with Mr Michael O’Donnell the scrutineer.

For the first time the event was held in the Auditorium due to the ongoing inclement weather.  Each house could put forward between 20 and 80 performers to ensure the group could all fit on the stage.

Despite two false fire alarm drills earlier in the morning, the student body participated positively and fully in the event.

Houses randomly called up saw Lenihan with leader Ethan Thomas first to perform, followed by Stephen (Mason Lawlor), Marcellin (Caleb Southee-Sami), Basil (Anthony Bolton), Coolahan (Macauley Casey), and lastly Pompallier (Nicholas Hermans).

The event was somewhat different with only a smaller group performing for each house.  The competition nonetheless was fierce with placings 5th equal going to Basil and Pompallier (202); 4th place Marcellin (207); 3rd place Lenihan (208); 2nd place Stephen (211) and the winner Coolahan (215).

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