Pompallier Shield Competition

The Pompallier Shield was held at Marcellin College on Thursday 17 May.  The Sacred Heart team comprised of five students entered in five categories. 

Finbar MacLeod entered the Senior Oratory section and won this section for the second year in a row. Finbar gave an electric performance speaking on the topic ‘fit for Mission’. Finbar is an eloquent speaker skilled in the art of oratory. David Fa’alau-Solia spoke in the Junior Oratory Section on the Marist order, its beginnings and relevancy in our world today. David alluded to  his Father who was Marist educated in the Islands and the fact that David was proud to call himself a “Marist man.”  David was placed second in this group. 
Mason Lawlor spoke in the Maori Scriptures and read fluently empathising with the text and his audience. He was asked to give an understanding of his text which he did in Maori. Mason was outstanding and won his section. Josh Purdon spoke in the Senior Scripture section and spoke with passion and flair and again was skilfully able to reflect on the text  and communicate his understanding to the judges. This was his first time in this event and he was placed third. John Alo participated in the Junior Scriptures. He read well and was able to communicate his understandings to the adjudicators and gained a fourth placing.

This is a team event, and the team were placed first among some very tough competition from the Catholic Colleges in Auckland and Northland.  Special thanks to Mr Dale and the numerous staff that came to support the group.  Mrs Ward and Mr Christie are very talented in preparing the competitors for the event and developing the student’s skills to a point where they shine in front of an audience and exude confidence. This is now the eighth time out of ten attempts that Sacred Heart has walked away with this prestigious cup.

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