81st Walter Kirby Competition

Walter Kirby was born in Auckland and educated by the Marist Brothers. He had a superb singing voice and became a professional singer, living and performing mainly throughout Australia. The first Walter Kirby Competition was held at Sacred Heart in 1936. Records show that Walter Kirby left £100 to the College for a singing prize. During the 1960s instrumental and group prizes were added. Now the competition boasts ten sections and is a valued part of our school calendar. The 81st Walter Kirby Competition was held on Saturday 10 June in the new theatre. Below are the results, congratulations to all prize winners. 


YEAR 7 – 9 SOLO – Hyndman Cup

  1. Peter O’Sullivan  Violin  “Csardas” Vittorio Monti
  2. Kieran Murphy Piano   “Piano Sonata No. 20 Op. 49 in G  Major” Beethoven
  1. Amado Manaois Vocal/Ukulele  “Can’t Help Falling In Love” Twenty One Pilots

YEAR 7 – 9 GROUP – Glynn Cup

  1. Black, White and Brindle “Tear In My Heart” Twenty One Pilots  (Thomas Partington, Dylan Shore, Nikau van der Coer, George Ngata, Damon Kane)
  1. Flint and Steel “Seven Nation Army” The White Stripes (Beno Shaw, James Ratcliffe, Sam Shaw, Noah Franklin)                                                                                
  1. The Other Band “Pumped Up Kicks” Foster The People  (Luke Chambers, Sam Shaw, Beno Shaw, Rory Sims)

YEAR 10 – 11 INSTRUMENTAL \ SOLO  – Fisk Cup

  1. Sam Wisniewski  Piano “Sonata Pathetique (No. 8 Op.  13)” Beethoven 

     2.Sione To’a Moa  Euphonium   “Nessum Dorma” Giacomo  Puccini

  1. Jacob Ryan Flute  “Maple Nut Rag” Paul Harris           

YEAR 10 – 13 VOCAL SOLO – Ferens Vocal Cup

  1. Champagnat Solomon-Mua “Lost Without You” Robin Thicke1.
  2. = Eugene Odiaz “Rude” Magic  and  Tasman Clark “Art Is Dead” Bo Burnham

YEAR 12 – 13 INSTRUMENTAL SOLO- Spillane Cup

  1. William Swan  Piano  “Nocturne in C Sharp Minor”   Frederic Chopin
  2. Tim Edwards  Clarinet  “Fughetta” Finzi
  3. Lawrence Foliaki  Piano “Struttin at the Waldorf” Philip Lane

YEAR 10 – 13 GROUP – PTA Trophy

  1. Flute Quartet “Flutes en Vacances” Jacques Casterade (William Swan, Jacob Ryan, Ciaran Baker, Steven Jin)
  1. Lawrence Foliaki, Champagnat Solomon-Mua, Ben Faitasi  “Ku’u –Aloha” Fiji
  1. Marimba Group “Tequila” The Champs  (Eugene Odiaz, Conall Sims, Sam Wisniewski, Luke Mackenzie, Xavier Silk, Carlos Rojas, Tyler Buysers, Finn Welham, Perth Saksombat, George Fan)

YEAR 9 – 13 OPEN ROCK – Chunn Cup

  1. Black, White and Brindle   “Life Is A Highway” Tom Cochrane  (Thomas Partington, Damon Kane, Dylan Shore, George Ngata, Eugene Odiaz, Nikau van der Coer)                                       
  1. Small Mans Wetsuit  “Satisfaction” Rolling Stones  (Ieuan Davies, Hunter Craig, Milan Caird, Ryan Bircham, Haoxi Tan)      


Thank you to our adjudicator Mrs Delysse  Glynn. Delysse is currently the National Assessment Moderator for NCEA Music. She has held this post for 7 years, and was previously HOD Music at several Auckland Secondary Schools, including her last teaching role at Sacred Heart College. Delysse is actively involved in the piping and drumming scene in Auckland, being the Education Officer for the RNPBA and lead tenor drummer for the City of Auckland Pipe Band. Performing at the Edinburgh Tattoo in Wellington, and the Lorient Music Festival in France are highlights from her time in the CoAPB. Delysse also plays organ/piano at St Michael’s Church, and accompanies the choir and school masses. She is a huge supporter of NZ Music and the Arts, seeing first-hand the benefits they provide for our young people.

Thank you all the music staff, including Mr Nino Sloser HOD, Ms Helen Klaassen, Ms Julia Burdon and all the itinerant music staff. Thank you also to all the supportive parents for organising the enticing refreshments. Thank you to the Young Vinnies and to all the prefects who helped on the evening. Special thanks to our AV Team led by Milan Caird and Virgilio Manaois; and to all the Senior Students who also helped.

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