Debating Update, 16 June

The last fortnight in Debating saw the end of the opening round robins for some grades as they battled to break into the final rounds. The results are looking promising but we must wait for the points to be counted and the odd catch-up debate to be completed before announcing the teams who made the finals.

A team likely to break is SHC#1 Advanced. They beat Rangitoto College in a match that featured the motion: This House would allow businesses to reprimand employees for misdemeanours outside of working hours. SHC#2 also had a win, beating the second Rangitoto team, but are not in contention for the final series.

The first Senior team are also in contention for the final series, however a loss in this week’s match against Botany will weaken their chances. The second team beat a highly rated Selwyn College outfit. Unfortunately the third team were beaten by Botany Downs. Their motion was that public schools should commence at 10 o’clock each morning.


The Junior teams drew mixed results. SHC#1 made a clean sweep of the series winning their final debate of the round robin defeating Macleans. The second team, who were so close to breaking, were narrowly defeated by St Kents. They still have an outside chance of breaking with SHC#1; if they do not, they should end their season confident that in 2018 they will be rated as the strongest team at this age level. The third team was also defeated. The motion this week was: This House believes that all assessments should be internally assessed.


In the Premier divisions there is a larger format so the round robins will continue in the coming weeks. The Premier Junior team have been travelling well but unfortunately have suffered two close losses in the last weeks. They were beaten by St Peter’s who successfully negated the motion that the House would systematically reduce immigration into NZ. They were then beaten by St Kents; the motion was that government sponsorship of sports in New Zealand should cease.

At the Premier Advanced level the first team had a significant win over Lynfield. They are right at the top of the table and campaigning well. Unfortunately the second team was beaten by Westlake. The motion for this grade’s debates was: this House believes that journalists should not use anonymous sources in their stories.

At school the Inter House debating competition is progressing well. Marcellin defeated Lenihan and Basil have defeated Stephen in the opening rounds.

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