Level 3 Business Studies Product Launch

On 5 July we held our inaugural Product Launch.  This is the first year that we have worked under the umbrella of the Young Enterprise Trust.  The Product Launch is part of the work the students have to do for Internal Assessment AS91384 – Carry out, with consultation, an innovative and sustainable business activity (worth 9 credits). 

The groups’ presentations were great and the boys looked very professional.  Parents were awed with what these young men have achieved over the year.  As one parent said: “If it wasn’t for Business Studies I don’t know if my son would have found his Year 13 so rewarding.”

This year the Level 3 Business Studies students had to create innovative products, and they stepped up to the plate with the following:   

Wright&Co  – a bottle sleeve that will be able to hold keys and cards –  http://wright-and-co.my-free.website

Ollie’s Notes  – Study Notes to ensure our boys achieve at NCEA – olliesnotes.com

Phlare  – candles, expertly crafted to a high standard, with a strong and vibrant fragrance that will take you back to your favourite locations – Faceoobk @PhlareCandles 

Pride Apparel – supporters clothing that will instill SHC pride – Instagram: prideapparel_; Facebook @PrideApparel17; Email: pride.apparel2017@gmail.com

OneStepAhead – streetwear apparel with original and inspired designs that are central to issues in the media – on Instagram (@one.stepahead) and Facebook (One StepAhead)

The next step now for the boys is to start selling their products. Your support in buying these goods will be greatly appreciated! Click on the links to view their goods. 

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