Arts Tie Recipients, 2017

This year we recognised five students who have performed, participated and represented our College, in the arts, at the highest level. For students who are involved in the Arts, it is a recognition of their endless work, dedication and contribution to an important and often understated part of the College. 

This year saw the opening of the School of Imagination, and with the cutting of the red ribbon, began a new era of the Arts at Sacred Heart College. In past years Drama, Music and Debating has felt separated from the heart of the College, both figuratively and literally. But with the opening of these new facilities, comes new opportunities and abilities to inspire the next generation of students and Arts Tie recipients alike. 

As is tradition, our special guest was an Old Boy of the College, who is currently excelling in the arts. Felix Vaunois graduated from the College in 2014. During his time here at Sacred Heart, Felix discovered a passion for film and so decided to attend the NZ Broadcasting School in Christchurch, majoring in film and television. During his time at the Broadcasting School, he had many opportunities to direct films, music videos and documentaries; some of which have been played in overseas film festivals and have won multiple awards. His short documentary, Moko; a film about a Maori poet, has been awarded Best Tertiary film at the NZ Doc Edge Festival, as well as at the Berlin Film Festival. He is extremely passionate about storytelling and hopes to continue making films well into the future.

This year we recognised the following students:

Tim Edwards 
Since arriving at Sacred Heart in Year 9, Timothy Edwards has excelled in many areas of the Sacred Heart Music Department. Tim has competed in the Walter Kirby music competition, he’s been on two overseas trips with the Senior Concert band, he’s a member of the SHC Jazz Band – which achieved a bronze award at KBB Music Festival last year -and he is currently a member of the newly established Jazz Combo, which performed at the Arts Tie Assembly. 

Finbar MacLeod
Finbar was recognised for his strong contribution to Public Speaking. For the past two years he has helped ensure that the Pompallier Shield stayed in the possession of the College, placing 1st in 2016 and 2017, in the Senior Oratory division. Last year Finbar also spoke at the St Heliers ANZAC Day Service, attended by thousands. He also placed 2nd at the RSA Cyril Bassett Speech Competition Regional Finals. 

Tasman Clark
Tasman has been involved with music throughout his time at Sacred Heart, starting off in Year 7 in the Ukulele Band, to this year where he is a percussionist in the SHC Orchestra. He performed a solo act placing 2nd at Walter Kirby, and performed at Legends 2017 with his song; “Sacred White Boy”. But Tasman’s real passion lies in Drama. At the start of the year he performed for Auckland Theatre Company at the ASB Waterfront Theatre, before taking on the coveted role of THE frog in Baradene’s Wonder in Aliceland 2017 production. 

Charlie Stone 
Charlie was first inspired to do debating, by Mr Eddington’s Inter-homeroom debates in Year 7. Since representing 7JA, Charlie Stone’s passion for debating has only grown. Last year, Charlie along with William Miller and Louis Addock, competed in the top grade for debating; Premier Advanced. After narrowly losing the semi-finals, Charlie’s coming into this year hungry for 1st place. Charlie, so far this year has been recognised in the top 10 debaters in Auckland, and in addition to this was named as one of two Arts Prefects for 2017.

Patrick Oei 
Patrick Oei has contributed to the arts at Sacred Heart through his skills in Music. Patrick has been a member of the Senior Concert Band that toured Palm Springs in 2013 and Europe in 2016. He has competed in the Walter Kirby music competition and was a member of the Sacred Heart College Jazz Band that achieved bronze at the KBB Music Festival last year. But Patrick’s saxophone skills extend to other areas of College life too, where he is well known as the guy who plays Mask Off at 1st XV games.

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