Swimming Sports 2018

Our Senior and Junior Swimming Sports were held last week with the Juniors first on Monday on an overcast day, and our Seniors and House Chant on Wednesday in mostly fine weather.  The House points took a swing from the Junior results on Monday once the Senior results came in on Wednesday afternoon. Final House placings are as follows:
1st Marcellin
2nd Lenihan
3rd Stephen
4th Pompallier
5th Coolahan
6th Basil

Individual Champions
Congratulations to the following boys who are the 2018 Individual Swimming Champs!
Year 7 – Finn Lock
Year 8 – Bronson Chungson

U14 – Aaron Spencer
U15 – Robson Wallace
U16 – Joel Hannah
Senior – Louie Ferigo

Full swimming results:

Year 7
Event 1st            2nd               3rd              
1 length free Finn Lock Nathan Hannah Daniel Park
2 lengths free Sebastian Chevallier Finn Lock Nathan Hannah
1 length breast Finn Lock Nathan Hannah Daniel Park
1 length fly Finn Lock Sebastian Chevallier Nathan Hannah
1 length back Finn Lock Nathan Hannah  Daniel Park
Year 8      
1 length free Bronson Chungson  Dominic Turnbull Oliver Kelly 
2 lengths free Ryan Peck Dominic Turnbull Bronson Chungson
1 length breast Bronson Chungson Dominic Turnbull Oliver Kelly
1 length fly Bronson Chungson Dominic Turnbull Aidan Gleeson
1 length back Bronson Chungson Fletcher Hilton Ryan Peck
Under 14
100 free Aaron Spencer James Bell Troy O’Reilly
1 length free Aaron Spencer Troy O’Reilly Brooklyn Baker
1 length breast Connor Lock James Bell Ben van Heerden
1 length fly Aaron Spencer Talisman Lloyd Troy O’Reilly
1 length back Aaron Spencer Troy O’Reilly Ethan Elmore
2 lengths free Aaron Spencer James Bell Troy O’Reilly
Under 15
100 free Robson Wallace Pierce Hannan Lucas Hannah
1 length free Pierce Hannan Matthew Gin Will Waters
1 length breast Ethan Kalouniviti Jackson Dunn Matthew Gin
1 length fly Pierce Hannan Robson Wallace Matthew Gin/Will Waters
1 length back Robson Wallace Pierce Hannan Jacob Milicich
2 lengths free Pierce Hannan Robson Wallace  Ethan Kalouniviti
Under 16
100 free Joel Hannah Campbell Hulbert Andrew Matthews
1 length free Joel Hannah Nico Schollum  Campbell Hulbert
1 length breast Jadin Kingi Joel Hannah Matthew Sutton
1 length fly Campbell Hulbert Joel Hannah Xavier Silk
1 length back Andrew Matthews Nico Schollum Joel Hannah
2 lengths free Joel Hannah Campbell Hulbert Andrew Matthews
100 free Louie Ferigo Corey Kellow Masatsugu Takaki
1 length free Louie Ferigo Corey Kellwo Lachlan Dunn
1 length breast Louie Ferigo Brian Patterson Bronson Larsen
1 length fly Louie Ferigo Masatsugu Takaki Lachlan Dunn
1 length back Louie Ferigo Ben Gardner Masatsugu Takaki
2 lengths free Louie Ferigo Corey Kellow Brian Patterson

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