Prefects 2018

It is with much pleasure that the College announces the Head Prefect, Deputy Head Prefects, Head and Deputy Head Boarders and the Prefect group for 2018. 

Head Prefect: Jack Kiely (centre)
Deputy Head Prefects: Zac O’Meagher (left) and Lance Encabo (right)      
Head Boarder: Michael Graham (2nd from right)
Deputy Head Boarders: Terry Pongi (left),
Tomos Hudgell (2nd from left) and Thomas Dodds (right)


Prefects: Devan Abraham, John Hyun Ahn, Jackson Barker, Reuben Bull, Tasman Clark, George Cronin, James Davies, Ted Dobbs, Thomas Dodds, Wynton Downing, Christian Fa’avae, Crusader Faletagoai, Harry Finnigan, Ethan Fookes, Matthew Graham, Michael Graham, Sam Heilmann, Tomos Hudgell, Ronan Kelly, Peter Kennedy, Bronson Larsen, Etuate Manu, Jesse Marsters, Matty McGuire, Kolio Motulalo, Rory Patterson, Reuben Pierpoint, Terry Pongi, Zane Robinson, Alasdair, Tremlett, Connor Welham and Darwin Wu.

The College extends its congratulations and support to all the Prefects. We are sure they will be exemplary in their leadership of the student body in 2018. To read more, please see our Prefects and Portfolios page on the website. 

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