Business Studies CEO Conference, March 2018

This year there were seven CEO’s from two Year 13 Business Studies classes that had the privilege to attend an amazing conference organised by the Young Enterprise Trust. The theme for the conference this year was “How did your business deal with failure?”  They heard from Adriana Christie (a young 20 year old CEO running The Pallet Kingdom) who is doing an amazing job recycling pallets into furniture and being involved in many social ventures. She had many stumbles along the way, such as nails in her delivery vehicle’s tyres because she drove it into her workshop. Sarah Trotman shared with them the A-Z of what makes a business a success, but also told them many stories about how she failed in her ventures but would not have had it any other way. Quijing Easterbrook-Wong from Borderless had to revise her expectations and face the reality of making smaller films while juggling life with two babies. Kristen Taylor exports herbal tea to Japan and had no idea that her Japanese colleagues were writing a negative blog because she could not read Japanese. When the Tsunami hit Japan, she had no option than to face the failure of her business but moved on and created “Sleep drops”. Lisa King from “Eat my Lunch” who probably had the most inspiring story of them all, telling how they grew from 50 lunches a week to 2500 lunches in just 2 years and all the issues they had with logistics. Finally Glenda from Lifeline spoke about the important work they do. The boys certainly learnt a lot about the importance of failure for a business and the life lessons that it teaches to succeed in your next venture. 

The students said:

Josh Jacomb – Throughout the day at the CEO conference, I enjoyed being able to see both a female and male perspective in the business world and seeing what different challenges they may face because of their gender. 

Sam Murphy – The YES CEO conference I felt was hugely beneficial to my knowledge on the best way to run a business. The best piece of advice I took out of the day was “sometimes you have to fail over and over in order to succeed”. This day was a great step in order to have even greater success at the end of the year and helped to steer us in the right direction in terms of leadership and success.


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