Debating News

The Premier teams have had mixed success over the past weeks. The Premier Advanced competed in the Regional Championships, which took place over the weekend of 24 March, and managed three wins from four; not good enough to gain entry to the finals but enough success to buoy them after their losses in the first two rounds of the Auckland competition which takes place fortnightly.

The Premier Junior#1 team entered the Regionals as well and found the competition extremely tough. They did manage to bounce back with a victory in their Auckland competition with Finn Welham proving to be the best speaker. The SHC#2 team also managed to win in this round. The motion both teams argued was This House would ban internships.

The Advanced teams’ motion this week was that This house would ban the private ownership of guns in America. SHC#1 successfully negated, with Alasdair Tremlett, the super sub, taking out the best speaker points. SHC#2 unfortunately was beaten by Dilworth.

The Senior teams were presented with an advised topic about drugs in sport. The first team had a bye. The third team, with Shaun Olsen as best speaker, was successful. SHC#2, unfortunately was not.

At the Junior level there have been two debates. This week the motion was based on the advised topic: school uniforms. The results were: SHC#1 and 4 won, SHC#3 had a bye leaving only SHC#2 to register a loss. The previous round yielded better results: SHC#1 had a loss but the other teams all managed a victory. The motion for this round was that students should not be moved up a grade.


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