Walter Kirby Music Competition, 2018

It was great to again experience a full Theatre for the 82nd Walter Kirby Competition. It showcased a great variety of items – in terms of different styles and age groups. However, the performers had one thing in common – they all challenged themselves and took risks. It takes a lot of courage to perform in front of a live audience, and our boys did exceptionally well. Our judges, Mary Lin and Matt Pipe from Baradene college, were very impressed by a wide range of items and the quality of performances and they also acknowledged our wonderful new facilities. They had a very challenging task to filter out the winners for each category and did extremely well to do this promptly.

YEAR 7 – 9 SOLO – Hyndman Cup

  1. Kyden Chan Piano                    “Asian Tiger Prowl” Rob Hall Ethan
  2. Ethan Williams Clarinet      “Little Brown Jug” Joseph Winner
  3. Finn Williams Guitar                   “Romanza” Michael Chapdelaine 
  4. Kobi Bornilla         Electric Piano        “I’m Still Standing” Elton John


YEAR 7 – 9 GROUP – Glynn Cup

  1. The Third Kind   “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Nirvana – (Rory Sims, Beno Shaw, Sam Shaw, Tadhg Costello, Zac Dignan)                                 
  1. Liam Buyck, Matthew Howard  “Shepherds Hey” Alan Haughtor



  1. Kieran Murphy Piano  Prelude No. 15 in D flat major         “The Raindrop” Chopin
  1. Masaya Hoshino Violin “Concerto in A minor, 3rd  Movement
  1. Luke MacKenzie Trumpet “Prelude 1700”, Marc Antoine Charpentier


YEAR 10 – 11 VOCAL SOLO – Ferens Vocal Cup

  1. Jack Higgins          “Give Me Love” Ed Sheeran         
  2. Nikau Van Der Coer     “Castle On The Hill” Ed Sheeran
  3. Afi Ngau Chun “Locomotion” Khalid      


YEAR 11 – 12 VOCAL SOLO – Ferens Vocal Cup

  1. Kolio Motulalo                      “Hallelujah” Leonard Cohen
  2. Alex Burtenshaw “Save Room” John Legend
  3. Tomos Hudgell                      “21” Mitch James


YEAR 12 – 13 INSTRUMENTAL SOLO- Spillane Cup

  1. Steven Jin         Flute                            “Syrinx” Debussy
  2. Anthony Shin  Cello                            “Concerto No. 4”Golterman  
  3. Jacob Ryan      Flute                           “Toy Box Serenade” Andreas Panayi


YEAR 10 – 13 GROUP – PTA Trophy

  1. Steven Jin, Ciaran Baker, Jacob Ryan “Trio for Flutes” Laszlo Zempleni
  2. Kieran Murphy, Gianni Amato, Ciaran Baker “Divertimento for Flute and two Clarinets, Movement 1-6”  Malcolm Arnold
  3. Black, White and Brindle “American Idiot” Green Day (Thomas Partington, Dylan Shore, Nikau Van Der Coer, Eugene Odiaz, Damon Kane


YEAR 9 – 13 OPEN ROCK – Chunn Cup

  1. Black, White and Brindle “Black or White” Michael Jackson  (Thomas Partington, Dylan Shore, Nikau Van Der Coer, Eugene Odiaz, Damon Kane
  1. Princess and the Brides ”Take On Me” A-ha   (Tomos Hudgell, Pete Nola, Tasman Clark, Stefan Caird, Damon Kane)
  1. The Third Kind “This Is How It Goes” Original  (Rory Sims, Beno Shaw, Sam Shaw, Tadhg Costello, Zac Dignan)                                                 


There is an awful lot of practise, preparation and planning that goes into such a competition – and for that I would like to thank our students who managed to put time aside in their busy schedules to practice for this special event. Secondly, I would like to thank our music staff and itinerant teachers for their professional guidance and mentoring.

I would particularly like to commend our A/V students (under the guidance of Virgilio Manaois and Scott Chalmers) for the huge amount of work and effort in regards to sound and lighting, and also to the Friends of Music who continue to support our music events by organising refreshments, ticketing and decorations – thus contributing to a more enjoyable experience for us all.

Last, but by no means least, I would like to thank the audience for supporting our students by attending this event.

Mr Nino Sloser, Head of Music

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