Arts Tie Assembly, 2018

Arts Ties are awarded annually, and are given only to those students who have made a significant contribution to the Arts in their time at the college. To be awarded an Arts Tie a student must be one of the leading students in their chosen field, or have participated to a high level across several Arts disciplines. This year saw students from a wide variety of pursuits, from design, to music and productions, through to cultural groups.

Jackson Barker is an all rounder. As a musician he has been a member of both the Junior choir and the Senior Choir which was  highly commended in the Big Sing. At ‘Legends’ he performed with Kolio Motulalo and Bronson Mephan. At Walter Kirby he joined Michael Tanuvasa, Alex Burtenshaw and Kolio Motulalo performing the song “Little Things” by One Direction and provided accompaniment for Kolio Motulalo’s performance of Hallelujah.  In drama, Jackson has taken on major roles in “The Arsonists” and has gone on to direct in the Junior Production. Jackson is also one of the AV team which has helped stage Walter Kirby, Legends, Matariki dinner and Leavers’ dinner.

Adam Chappell, playing 1st Trumpet, is the Premier Concert Band Leader and performed at the National Concert Band Competition and KBB Music Festival later in the year. He has performed in these concerts for the past five years winning the Brother Gerard Crotty Award for Leading Year 9 Musician. Over his time at the College, Adam has also been a debater, entered speech contests and been a member of our successful Pompallier Shield teams.

Aidan de Souza is one of only two Year 12 students who will receive at Arts Tie this year. He manages to prove his claim over other boys because of the diversity and quality of his participation in the arts. In Music, Aidan plays both bassoon and saxophone for groups such as the Premier Concert Band and the Orchestra at KBB Music Festivals and National Concert Band Competitions. As a debater, he has successfully defended the College in the Jane Schollum Cup and represented the College at the Auckland Regional, impromptu and seasonal debating competitions. He has received awards for both speaking and writing in Mandarin at the Chinese Confucius Institute Essay Competition. Aidan was also a part of the Blood Brothers cast.

Ted Dobbs Has been a leader of both the Junior and Senior Choirs. He has the responsibility as a solo performer, both with the choir as a cantor at countless Masses over the years. As a contemporary singer he has performed at the Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary concert, the Beatles’ 50th Anniversary Concert and, again with the Chunn band, at the “Last Riot in the School Block”. At the College he has competed in Legends. As a public speaker Ted has been a part of the Pompallier Shield teams, Debating teams and as a speaker at the Anzac service. He has won school speech competitions.

Nat Dolan, as a musician. He is a member of the Senior Choir. He has played trumpet. for the Junior Concert Band. As a dramatist, Nat studies drama both in school and with the Massive Theatre Company, the Young Auckland Shakespeare Company and the National Youth Drama School. He has had a major role in Blood Brothers and is a director of the Year 7 & 8 production of Julius Caesar. As well as performing at  Legends, he has had a part in the Baradene School Musical, ‘Wonder in Aliceland’. Nat has also worked behind the camera and been an active creative writer.

Ethan Fookes is a trumpeter who has been in both the Junior and Intermediate Concert Band, the Jazz Band, Confortare Brass, the European Tour Concert Band, the Senior Band, the Premier Concert Band and the band that provided the music for Blood Brothers. As a result he has performed at the KBB Music Festival Competition, National Band Competition, Showcase, Walter Kirby and the Auckland School Jazz Band Competition. As one of the Music and Arts Prefects he has also dabbled in Public Speaking and Debating.

Tomos Hudgell is both a musician and a dramatist. As a flutist has been a member of the Senior Concert Band, the Premier Concert Band, and Orchestra. As a vocalist he is a member of the Senior Choir and has performed at Legends and Walter Kirby. As a dramatist he played a lead role in Blood Brothers. He has even had time to try his hand at Debating.

Matthew Lippard is one of our visual artists. He has turned his skills to advertising, designing posters for Legends and the Ball. He has been an exhibitor at the College Art Exhibition. You can admire his work which is on permanent display opposite the Account office in the school foyer. His work is captured digitally and is used as exemplars to inspire younger students.

Alfred Metzler has had a significant involvement in Music. He is a violinist who has been a consistent member of the Chamber Orchestra and the String Group and with these groups has participated in KBB competitions and also the Showcase concerts. He has been a consistent contender at our year group Public Speaking competitions. As a debater, he has successfully defended the College in the Jane Schollum Cup and represented the College at the Auckland Regional, impromptu and seasonal debating competitions. He was one of the top 10 speakers in the 2016 Auckland season.

Kolio Motulalo is a very talented vocalist. As well as being a member of the Senior Choir, he has been both a soloist and part of groups at Legends and Walter Kirby. This participation culminated in him winning the Ferrens Cup for Senior Vocal solo category for his performance of Hallelujah this year. Kolio has been active in the Tongan group for the past three years and was one of the leaders in 2018.

Peter Nola is both a guitarist and plays the trombone. He has been as member of the Dunstan Band, the Premier Concert, the Jazz Combo and Big Band, the Orchestra, the European Band, Senior Brass Quintet and the Baradene Concert Band. As a vocalist he has been a member of the Choral Group, and the Barbershop Quartet. You will have seen him on stage at Legends and in Blood Brothers. And he even finds time to work behind the scenes as a member of the Audio/Visual Team. He is currently composing the title song for a new kids TV show called Nanogirl.

Zachary O’Meagher, as a vocalist, has an impressive record. He has been a member of the Junior Choir and Senior Choir, competed in the Walter Kirby Competition. He performed at Legends is a member of the Barbershop Quartet and lead the Choir at the Big Sing. His most powerful role though would have to be as the narrator in Blood Brothers. Zachery is also a member of the Kapa Haka group and has a fine record as a public speaker winning school competitions and the Kiwanis Eastern Zone Speech Competition.

Joseph Peyroux has made significant contribution to the arts; particularly in: Music, Creative Writing and Debating. As a musician he has been a Junior Choir member, he has played the bagpipes as a member of the Manukau Pipe Band and regularly competes at Highland games events in the Upper North Island. Joseph is also a keen, published writer who won the Dan Davin Cup. He is also a debater.

Caleb Southee-Sami has been a member of the Kapa Haka group since Year 10 and has performed at ASB Polyfest four times. This year he was a leader when the group performed in Hong Kong, London and Rome. He has twice represented Sacred Heart by doing the wero at the PAN PACS.As a vocalist he has performed at the opening of the School of Imagination, the Opera Nights and Matariki Dinners. Caleb is also a public speaker representing the College in the prestigious Ngā Manu Kōrero competition.

Ethan Thomas is a leader in the Kapa Haka group. This has required him to perform various solos at Polyfest. He is also a vocalist and has performed at the Opera Evening, the Matariki Concerts and on the Kapa Kaka European trip.

Sione To’a Moa  plays the piano, the euphonium, and is in the process of learning to learn the oboe. He has been involved in the Dunstan band, the Premier Band, our Orchestra, and Baradene’s Concert Band. He has participated in the Walter Kirby Competitions, Showcase, at  the Fringe festival, the National Concert Band competition and KBB music competition.

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