Swimming Sports 2019

Our Senior and Junior Swimming Sports were held this week with the Juniors first on a very warm Monday. Our Seniors raced on Tuesday with the Juniors joining after lunch for relays and House Chants.  Final House placings are as follows:
1st Marcellin
2nd Pompallier
3rd Lenihan
4th Stephen
5th Coolahan
6th Basil

Individual Champions
Congratulations to the following boys who are the 2019 Individual Swimming Champs!
Year 7 – Lachie Henwood 
Year 8 – Finn Lock

U14 – Bronson Chungson
U15 – Connor Lock
U16 – Matthew Gin
Senior – Louie Ferigo

Full swimming results:

Year 7
Event 1st            2nd               3rd              
1 length free Oscar Hoare Lachie Henwood Charlie Ptak
1 length breast Jet Evans Lachie Henwood Charlie Ptak
1 length fly Charlie Ptak Oscar Hoare Lachie Henwood
1 length back Lachie Henwood  Oscar Hoare  Angus Houghton
Year 8      
1 length free Nathan Hannah Finn Lock Armand Spencer
1 length breast Finn Lock Daniel Park Armand Spencer 
1 length fly Finn Lock Sebastian Chevallier Armand Spencer 
1 length back Finn Lock Nathan Hannah Armand Spencer
Under 14
100 free Bronson Chungson Ryan Peck Nathanial Hunt
1 length free Bronson Chungson Ryan Peck Noah Grace
1 length breast Bronson Chungson Ryan Peck Oliver Kelly
1 length fly Ryan Peck Bronson Chungson Oliver Kelly
1 length back Bronson Chungson Ryan Peck Ben Millard
2 lengths free Bronson Chungson Ryan Peck Nathanial Hunt
Under 15
100 free James Bell Connor Lock Conor Pointon
1 length free James Bell Talisman Lloyd Jack Takurua-Newland
1 length breast Connor Lock James Bell Jack Takurua-Newland
1 length fly Connor Lock Talisman Lloyd Conor Pointon
1 length back Connor Lock Jack Takurua-Newland James Bell
2 lengths free James Bell Connor Lock  Conor Pointon
Under 16
100 free Troy O’Reilly Lucas Hannah Pierce Hannan 
1 length free Matthew Gin  Aaron McKeefry/ Pierce Hannan  
1 length breast Niclas Dern Matthew Gin Mack Penfold
1 length fly Matthew Gin/ Aron McKeefry   Pierce Hannan
1 length back Kelly McDowell Jacob Milicich Pierce Hannan
2 lengths free Troy O’Reilly Lucas Hannah Pierce Hannan
100 free Louie Ferigo Jacob Ryan Campbell Hulbert
1 length free Louie Ferigo Corey Kellwo Ethan Quirk
1 length breast Louie Ferigo Corey Kellow Jadin Kingi
1 length fly Louie Ferigo Jacob Ryan Matthew Wynne
1 length back Louie Ferigo Oliver Smyth Campbell Hulbert
2 lengths free Louie Ferigo Corey Kellow Jacob Ryan
House Relays
Year 7 Lenihan Basil Pompallier
Year 8 Marcellin Coolahan Stephen
Under 14  Lenihan Marcellin Pompallier
Under 15 Marcellin Pompallier Stephen
Under 16 Pompallier Stephen Basil
Senior Stephen Basil Coolahan


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