Year 9 Social Studies Trip To Nelson Mandela Exhibit

There is no doubt that Nelson Mandela achieved great things; from being an equal rights activist, a political leader, the first black President of South Africa and a Philanthropist, Mandela’s achievements were many and great throughout his lifetime.

On Friday the 3rd of May and on Monday 6th of May, 9BD – my class – along with all the other yr 9 homerooms had the opportunity to visit Eden Park and experience the ‘Mandela: My Life’ Exhibition.

From the moment we got off the bus, everyone could tell that lots of work had been put into the display; signs were hung everywhere and cars were parked in almost all the available carparks. We were all ready to go in, but before that we needed a few instructions from the team running the display.

After a short talk from them, we headed in. It was amazing. Great, informative text hung from every wall and artifacts were dotted all around the place for all to view. Room after room was full to the brim with beautifully made displays and you never ran out of things to marvel at.

Overall, the day was one that I (and all my classmates) won’t be forgetting for a long time. The exhibit was jam-packed with interesting facts all about Mandela and was perfect in helping us prepare for our mid-year exams.

Anthony Hawke


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