L3 Business Studies Products

Level 3 Business Studies students have created the following innovative products, now on sale via the following means: 


We are selling recycled electronic jewelry that comes from used and broken computers. Our mission is to help the environment by recycling electronic waste generated by humanity and turning that into a fashionable and accessible jewellery. Our vision is to aid both the environment and the people.  
Email: Vidapurabusiness123@gmail.com


Taniwha Tees

Taniwha Tees is an innovative and culturally sustainable T-Shirt brand. We offer a diverse
selection of cotton T-Shirts sporting relevant and inspiring Maori designs. We have both a
Manaia design, and a Pou design, in black, white and grey for the small price of $30. Feel
free to check out our designs on the following Social Media Domains:
Instagram: @taniwhatees2019
Facebook: Taniwha Tees
Website: taniwhatees.mystorbie.com
Email: taniwhatees@gmail.com


Safe Keyping

Creating environmentally friendly key lock, to enhance home security for a reasonable price. Price: $15.00
Email: safekeypingnz@gmail.com 
Instagram: @safe_keypingnz 
Facebook: @safekeypingnz 
Ph: 021 035 5419 for any other inquiries


Kiwi Youth

Mental Health Website – Making a positive difference in the lives of Kiwi Youth
Email: ka18257@students.sacredheart.school.nz or Kittipongkong12@gmail.com



Orbit NZ

High quality custom car air freshener, double-sided design, scents: tropical breeze, coconut, designs for New Zealand, Japan, Samoa, Tonga and Ireland.
Price: $9.99
Email: orbitnz132@gmail.com
Ph: 02 112 14613


Karaka Works

A Maori themed clock, the clock is an elegant slick design of the famous double koru, drawn from traditional Maori heritage.
Email: karakaworks@gmail.com
Ph: 021 062 9818
Facebook: Karaka Works



CarBin is an eco-friendly easy to use bin for your car. It uses Velcro technology which makes it able to stick to the mats in your car. This product costs $20. If you have been looking for an easy way to keep your car looking nice and clean, contact us:
Email: carbinshc@gmail.com
Facebook: @Carbin2019

Products will also be on sale at the YES markets. 

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