Arts Tie 2019 Recipients

The Arts Tie Award, brought to our college in 2004, is an acknowledgment of the dedication and talent of senior students representing our college in arts-related areas. These Year 12 or 13 students have made a significant contribution to one or more of the major arts in the college: Visual, Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, Debating, Public Speaking, Media, or Creative Writing. Recipients have consistently performed at a high level in their fields of artistic endeavour within the school, over several years. Additionally, some recipients have achieved a success that is recognised within the Auckland region and/or at a national/international level. 

The 2019 recipients are:

David Fa’alau Solia has contributed significantly throughout his time at the college to public speaking. David has consistently won the School’s Speech Competitions since year 10 being recognised at Prizegiving as well as winning the Polyfest Samoan Language Speech Competition in both Year 11 and 12, while competing in age groups a year ahead of his own. He was also part of our latest winning Pompallier Shield Competition group where he placed third in his Senior Oratory section.

Curtis Finnigan has been part of the Kapa Haka group for the last 5 years of his school life. Throughout this time, Curtis has participated in many cultural activities both in competition as well as in school events. Since 2018, he has been a leading member of the Kapa Haka group as well as leading in various trips to Europe and Hawaii. For the 5 years that he has been a part of the Kapa Haka group, Curtis has also performed at the ASB Polyfest also spending his time helping younger students. Along with this, he has been part of multiple speech competitions within the school and also spent a year in debating.

Fergus Harland has made contributions through his work in public speaking, debating and writing for our college. Fergus has been part of the debating community since year 7 and is currently in the second Premier Advanced team within the Auckland Competition, also coaching a debating team this year. Fergus has been in various speech competitions and won the 2011 John C Reid Speech cup. Within music, he has also played both piano and guitar over his time and won the Den Davin Cup for creative writing in 2017.

Steven Jin is a leading musician at our college, having been the leader of our flute section in the Senior Concert Band for three years. Steven has represented our college in the Pettman National Junior Academy, Walter Kirby Competition and KBB Music festival. In 2018 and 2019, Steven has won the Spillane Cup participating as a flute soloist. In drama, Steven was the leader of the production band as concertmaster of the piano section for the Blood Brothers production and has played piano to support the SHC choir.

Lachlan Kerr is the lead singer and pianist for our SHC Jazz Band, being part of our recent Aspire Music Trip to Australia. He has also been part of the Sacred Heart Orchestra playing piano along with percussion as well as being a leading role in both Blood Brothers and the Caucasian Chalk Circle. Since 2018, Lachlan has contributed to the Kapa Haka group, came second place in his respective speech competition and contributed to debating.

Luke Mackenzie plays the trumpet for our college, and as well as participating in a number of SHC groups, has also represented our college in the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. Within the college, Luke has been a part of music since Year 7, contributing in groups such as the Orchestra, Brass Group and Choir. He has also been part of various music competitions for our school such as the KBB Festival and National Concert Band Competition. Luke is a National music representative playing in the auditioned National Secondary Schools Brass Band 2018 and the New Zealand Youth Symphonic Band 2019. 

Joshua Malolo began learning the tuba in Year 8 and with this, has been part of the Dunstan’s Band, Senior Concert Band and more recently the Sacred Heart Orchestra. Josh was another member of the 2016 music trip to Europe and has contributed to various music competitions for the school including the New Zealand National Band Competition. Along with this, Josh has also been an active member and now a leader of the Samoan Cultural Group since Year 9, who placed second in the Polyfest Competition in 2015 and 2017.

Patrick McElwee has been part of our college choir since Year 7, participating in the Big Sing in 2018 and 2019 as well as being an MC at our Walter Kirby competition this year. Patrick was a Holy Trinity Chorister in Year 7 to 10 and has been taking music lessons throughout his time at the college. Along with his musical contributions, Patrick has been part of our school productions in both Blood Brothers and the Caucasian Chalk Circle.

Leo McKay has been a significant part of debating for our college since Year 7, this year being part of the Premier Advanced Competition as well as competing in a number of debating tournaments, helping SHC to keep the Jane Schollum Cup in 2018. Leo has been a multi-percussionist musician for the Intermediate, Senior and Premier Concert Band playing the Xylophone, Timpani, Bells and Snare Drum. With this, Leo has contributed to a number of music competitions including the KBB music festival and the National Band Competition.

Eugene Odiaz has made significant contributions to the music area of our college, being part of multiple groups since Year 7. Eugene has participated in the SHC Choir, the Chamber Orchestra, the Ukelele Orchestra, the Marimba band, the School of Rock Programme, the Dunstan’s Band, SHC Orchestra, Premier Concert Band and finally the Jazz Band. With this, Eugene has won within the Walter Kirby competition, participated in the Legends Competition and Showcase events as well as being part of the Blood Brothers Production helping with percussion and sound effects.

Luc Ravel has been a significant member of the Kapa Haka group for our college, joining the group in year 9 and this year being made the Kapa Haka group leader. Luc has been part of the 2016 trip to Cape Reinga, 2018 Europe trip and the 2019 Hawaii Tour representing our college and has also performed at the Maori King’s coronation in 2018. Along with this, Luc has participated in the Polyfest competitions for our Kapa Haka group, contributing massively to the cultural areas of our college.

Te Whaiti Te Reke is another one of our students that has had a significant role within the Kapa Haka group for our college. Te Whaiti has been part of the Kapa Haka group since Year 7 in 2013, going to the Hawaii Tour in 2015 and having performed at the 2017 and 2019 biannual Cathedral Masses as well as various Powhiris. He also has been a member of our Senior Concert Band, Jazz Band and School of Rock playing the drums, also having been a part of the 2016 music trip to Europe. Te Whaiti contributed to debating in 2015 and in public speaking has competed in a Junior Maori Speech Competition as well as being part of this years winning Pompallier Shield Team.

Millar Rewi has made contributions to our college through cultural areas as well as public speaking. As our head boy, Millar has made a large number of speeches for our community in both assemblies and events, as well as having been part of the Manu Korero Competition in 2016 where he spoke in the English category. Culturally, Millar is one of the co-leaders of the Kapa Haka group this year, being involved in it since Year 8 and having participated in the numerous trips and competitions.

Daniel Rogers is a Year 13 student who has been both a musician and a part of our drama productions. As a singer, Daniel was part of the 2018 SHC choir going to the Big Sing as well as more recently being a participant in the 2019 Legends Competition where he performed Ocean Man. With drama, Daniel has been part of both the Blood Brothers production as well as this year the Caucasian Chalk Circle.

Anthony Shin is one of our leading string musicians, having played Cello for his entire stay at the college, joining the String Group, now turned Chamber Orchestra in 2014. He was a part of the official Sacred Heart Orchestra since its initial creation in 2015, becoming the Cello section leader in 2018 and now being the leader for the entire Orchestra. Anthony has participated in the KBB music festival for his two respective music groups for 5 years and has even placed second in the Spillane Cup section of the Walter Kirby competition twice. More recently, Anthony was a part of the Aspire Music Trip to Australia. He has also been apart of the Auckland Youth Orchestra for the last two years.

Conall Sims has made significant contributions to the music and drama side of our college. Having been learning flute since year 8, he is part of the Dunstan’s Band, the Senior Concert Band and the Sacred Heart Orchestra. He has also been a very active member of our college’s choir over his years. Conall was highly commended for his performance in the 2014 Legends competition, won an award for the year 7-9 group in Walter Kirby and this year came 2nd in the Ferens Cup for senior solo vocals. Along with this, Conall has held significant acting positions within our school’s productions Blood Brothers and the Caucasian Chalk Circle and productions outside of school.

Contribution to the Arts by a number of our female staff members has also been recognised by the presentation of an  Arts Scarf. These have been commissioned by the College as a more appropriate method of recognising our female staff in the Arts.

In 2019, we are pleased to award the Art Scarf to the following:
Mrs Anne McMillan – For her contribution to Drama through costume design
Mrs Anne Renwick – For her contribution through Public Speaking, Pompallier Shield and Debating
Mrs Margaret Ward – For her contribution through public speaking, Pompallier Shield and debating.
Mrs Margaret Graham – For her contribution through music, choir, drama, House Literature Quiz, debating and public speaking.
Mrs Helen Klaassen – For her contribution through music and choir. Mrs Klassen was awarded a Tie in last year’s assembly, and we would like her to receive a scarf as well.


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