Spirit of Adventure Trust – National award winner!

At the Spirit of Adventure Trust 2019 Annual Awards night held Friday 26 July, our Director of Pastoral Care Tracy Purcell was awarded the annual school Spirit Co-ordinator of the year award. Tracy has been our school co-ordinator for the past seven years and has organised numerous voyages for students. The award is in recognition of a commitment and diligence to the programme which has helped ensure youth attendance on the Spirit programme. 

Every year 1,200 young New Zealanders take part in a life-changing experience aboard Spirit of New Zealand. Schools throughout New Zealand are involved in the programme with sailings departing every ten days.

Sacred Heart College is a huge supporter of the Spirit of Adventure and actively promotes opportunities to its student body; in the past seven years Tracy has organised sailings and sourced funding for a large number of participants on the ‘Ten day Development voyages’!. These students have been typically Year 12 or 13 students as the main criteria is age – all students must be between 16-18 years of age, meet a medical criteria and agree to the conditions of the voyage. The success of the programme is dependent on participants not knowing each other prior so bookings from the same school on one voyage are limited to one student at a time!

Originating in 1973 the Spirit of Adventure has provided opportunities to thousands of young kiwis and can be described as a life-changing experience. The programme is reliant on grants, sponsorships, donations, bequests and public appeals. It is also reliant on schools nominating and filling berths! Sacred Heart College students who have been involved in the programme include those who have self referred and other who have been successful in receiving sponsorship. It is fantastic that Sacred Heart College has been recognised for their outstanding involvement; this recognition is also for the students themselves who have been a credit to the school and their families.

Should you be interested in your son participating in the future, please visit the Spirit website at spiritofadventure.org.nz or contact Tracy Purcell at tpurcell@sacredheart.school.nz for further information.

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