Open Day 2021

All are welcome to attend our Open Day on Tuesday 16 March. Sessions are available at 10am and 1pm, beginning with our Headmaster's welcome in the Auditorium, followed by tours of the College and Hostel. If you would like to attend the Open Day, please register your interest here and we will keep you up to date with further information.

Boarding at Sacred Heart College

Boarding is an integral part of life at Sacred Heart College. Our Hostel, located on site at the College, caters for 170 students from Years 9 to 13, across three houses. Fr Champagnat House caters for Years 9 and 10, Br Clement House caters for Year 11 and some Year 12, and Br Leonard House caters for Years 12 and 13. 

Boarding has always been a special feature of Sacred Heart College. The Headmaster has overall responsibility for the Hostel, with the day-to-day management and leadership carried out by the Director of Boarding and staff.

Hostel staff aspire to bring to life our Marist Champagnat tradition by encouraging the values of self-identity, trust, responsibility, self-discipline, respect, integrity and opportunity. To enhance the attainment of these aspirations, staff are conscious of their privileged position as role models. They focus on showing acceptance, tolerance, consistency, encouragement, prayerfulness and belonging.

Hostel practices at Sacred Heart College consider the needs and aspirations of the young men of today, while also empowering them to take responsibility for their own lives.


Years 9 and 10 students share partitioned dormitories and have supervised study. Each Year 11 boarder has a study desk in their cubicle, with most of the Year 12 and all of the Year 13 have individual rooms. All students have access to common rooms with television. The Chapel, sports fields, Aquatic Centre and Gymnasium are also available. The Hostel has its own catering manager and staff, with meals served in the spacious dining hall.
All laundry is done on the property and boarders have access to dental and medical services as required. The matron and Hostel staff ensure that boarders have access to care or advice at any time of the day or night.

Families organise their sons’ visits home with the Director of Boarding during term time. If parents give permission, their sons can visit the homes of other students or local relatives nominated by parents.


A focus on academics is central to our boarding community. This is evident in our boarders' 2020 results where 92% achieved University Entrance.

Formal supervised study sessions are scheduled each school day. Years 9 and 10 boarders are required to study for a minimum of one and a half hours every night during the week, and Years 11 to 13 for a minimum of two hours. For Senior students, emphasis is placed on personal responsibility for study. These sessions are supervised by teachers and at times, university students, who can help students with any difficulties. Boarders are able to utilise resources in the library and computer rooms.

Sport and Cultural Activities

Boarders have access to the full range of sports and cultural activities offered at the College and enjoy the advantage of not having to travel home on completion of practices after school. All boarders are expected to involve themselves in both summer and winter sporting activities the College provides and are encouraged to join a cultural or music group.


Mass is celebrated in the Chapel every Saturday evening. Each year level takes it in turn to arrange and lead the liturgies. Students in each dormitory lead evening prayers and gather for prayer every morning prior to going to class. In Holy Week, all boarders have the opportunity to celebrate the Rite of Reconciliation.

Support Systems

There are support systems in place for new Year 9 boarders with each new student being assigned a Year 13 buddy. Boarders at other levels help with settling new boys into our Hostel. The Director of Boarding and the Hostel staff are always on hand to answer questions and lend support where needed.


The bonds of friendship formed during boarding days often last throughout life. Teenage boys enjoy the company of a large peer group, and are also enabled to develop relationships with others who are younger or older.


Sacred Heart College Hostel Board sets the fees for boarding. The boarding fees are separate from day-school contributions. This levy is reviewed by the Board in August each year and is subject to change at that time. Fees must be paid prior to commencing boarding each term. View the 2021 Financial Contributions

For International Students, the boarding fees are payable one year in advance. View the International Students page for more details. If for an exceptional reason fees are not payable on the prescribed date, it is important the Fees Manager or Director of Boarding is contacted to discuss the matter. 


For further information contact Mr Augie Williams, Director of Boarding. Email,