Co-curricular Activities

A wide range of sporting activities is offered to all International Students and they are expected to participate in both a summer and winter sport.

Cultural activities include music, drama, public speaking and social service groups. We encourage all International Students to join a cultural group, so that they can become fully immersed in the traditions of Sacred Heart.

Co-curricular activities and team participation provide opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging, to support and encourage others, to learn about leadership, create group spirit and resolve conflict. They begin to understand how to interact constructively with others while working towards a common goal. They also learn and perfect their own individual skills and talents.

At Sacred Heart, all students are strongly encouraged to participate in any of the following groups and activities that are available.

Music, Drama and Public Speaking

Bands – Beginners, Junior, Senior and Jazz band
Choirs – Junior and Senior
Individual instrumental tuition
Walter Kirby annual group and individual competition
School Productions
School Musical Production (Years 9 to 13)
Junior Production (Years 7 and 8)
Debating Teams
Year-level Speech Competitions

Cultural and Service Groups

Maori Kapa Haka Group
Tongan Cultural Group
Samoan Cultural Group
St Vincent de Paul Society (Young Vinnies)

Please refer to the Arts and Culture webpage for further details.

  Summer Winter
Sport Terms 1 and 4 Terms 2 and 3
Athletics X  
Badminton   X
Baseball X  
Basketball   X
Cricket X  
Cycling   X
Distance Running   X
Football   X
Golf X  
Hockey   X
Rowing X  
Rugby   X
Sailing X  
Skiing   X
Squash   X
Swimming X  
Table Tennis   X
Tennis X  
Touch X  
Water Polo X X

Please refer the Sport webpage for further information.