Confortare Archives

Confortare provides news on current and past students of Sacred Heart College community. It is published twice a year in May and Sept/Oct and a printed copy is posted out to current student and Old Boys that wish to received a hard copy. For those who wish to be added to our database to receive a copy of this publication, please contact Ms Lyn Luxton or phone: 09 529 3743.

Digital Confortare

The October 2019 edition of the digital Confortare is now live and can be viewed by clicking the cover page, below.

We envisage this online version will become the preferred option over time with its interactive features and more environmentally friendly production.


A Quick Guide to the Interactive Features

1. Any text underlined in red indicates that a link to either a page in Confortare, an email address or a website is available. Click to activate the link.

2. Photos that reveal a hand icon when you hover the mouse indicate that a larger version of the image is available. Click to view the larger image. 

3. Slideshows on all larger photos will start automatically, just wait on the page for a few seconds. This includes the front cover. 

4. Video links appear in red. Click to activate.