Old Boys Association Constitution

The 1917 annual meeting outlined officially what the Union (Association) stood for:

  1. To foster comradeship among Old Boys
  2. To strengthen the bond of union between the College and its Old Boys
  3. To promote the interests of the Old Boys and the Union (Association)
  4. The objects of the Union (Association) are in no way political.

When the Association became incorporated in 1928 the objects were listed as:

  1. To unite in one Association all Old Boys of the College for social and such other purposes as may be from time to time decided
  2. To foster and cultivate a true spirit of comradeship and good fellowship among all members and to encourage the maintenance of friendships made during school days
  3. To secure the co-operation of Old Boys in furthering the interests of the Marist Brothers and Catholic education
  4. To raise funds for the purpose of promoting any matters in which Old Boys as a body are interested
  5. To promote scholarship at Sacred Heart College by making available scholarship prizes and donations to the College library
  6. To provide assistance, whether financial or otherwise, to the Marist Brothers and to aid or otherwise subscribe to any charity or religious body and to make presentations to or otherwise suitably recognise, in such manner as deemed worthy, distinguished Old Boys whether of the clergy or the laity
  7. To print, publish, issue and circulate such periodicals, books, magazines and other literary undertakings that may be for the benefit of Old Boys or the Marist Brothers
  8. To appoint trustees of any funds in the hands of the Association and to vest such funds in such trustees
  9. To promote socials and other functions tending to bring members into social contact and generally to afford all members facilities at all times for meeting socially or otherwise
  10. To appeal for subscriptions and donations and to hold arrange for and conduct any functions to raise funds which may be considered advisable for any of the objects hereof
  11. To promote good feelings between this Association and other kindred associations or clubs
  12. To generally do such things and exercise such powers as are incidental or conducive to the advancement of the Association, the welfare of its members or the attainment of the foregoing objects.



Any person who has been a pupil of Sacred Heart College shall be eligible for membership and shall become a member upon payment of the annual subscription from year to year.

Special Service

The Association, upon the recommendation of the Executive, shall have the power to reward any person for a special service rendered to the Association by making him/her an honorary life member of the Association at a general meeting of the Association.


Old Boys resident in any town other than Auckland may form their own branch of the Association. The Executive shall, upon notice of such formation, affiliate any such branch provided it is satisfied that the purposes for which the branch is formed are not inconsistent with the Association's rules and objects.