Cricket is a game revered by many as New Zealand's summer game. Cricket is inherently a game combining individual and social skills. When you are bowling, batting or running after a ball, you are at your individual best. When you are diving to save a boundary and throwing the ball to the wicketkeeper's gloves, you are a complete team man.

The game teaches mental toughness, positivity, determination, dedication and application and, most importantly, it teaches players to deal with life’s disappointments because cricket is a game that can be very tough.

Cricket has been regarded as a top summer sport at Sacred Heart throughout the College's history. The College has produced some fine cricketers including domestic representatives Dean Bartlett ('05), Matt Quin ('10), Glenn Phillips ('14) and Dale Phillips (’16) and current Netherlands international Fred Klaassen (’10).

The College has taken steps in recent years to advance the game within the school. The set-up of the Sports Institute has given the school the ability to pool talented cricketers and develop them. Whilst our new three lane indoor centre allows all students to train all year round.

The Sacred Heart College Cricket community is involved in several prestigious traditional fixtures with other Marist schools, namely the Marist Cricket Carnival and the annual fixture with St Bede’s College, Christchurch.

The Marist Cricket Carnival is a collection of 18 Marist schools playing over three Carnivals with six competing schools in each. Sacred Heart's 1st XI competes annually and hosts the Carnival in Auckland once every six years.


SHC White polo shirt, available at the Online Uniform Shop
White Cricket pants

Optional - Tracksuit jacket and pants

Premier Events - If a player is a member of the Sacred Heart College 1st XI, they may be required to purchase a Premier tracksuit jacket and pants. The coach or Teacher-in-Charge of Cricket will inform the players concerned.

Cricket Contact

Dave Richardson
Director of Cricket
09 529 3660 ext. 812


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